Tuesday, 9 June 2009

My Facebook Rant

02 Jun; transcribed from Facebook, where I deleted it after one day:

M-J: What set off this diatribe? Somebody on my relatives list became a fan of the Facebook group, "Tell Dick Cheney to Shut the F--K Up!"

I do not believe in beating around the bush. In fact, that is precisely what the Democrats have been doing since Y2K. They won't stop the hate, either. No one likes a sore winner.

M-J: The Honorable Dick Cheney, Pet Punching Bag of Propagandists

The day is coming when you will appreciate him; he is right about the dangers of setting terrorists loose upon the U.S. Those of us who were in the NYC area on 9-1-1 have not forgotten the horror and mass-murder. With his lengthy resumé of serious service to the United States, Dick Cheney needed the V.P. job like a hole-in-the-head, but dutifully sacrificed his retirement years. For a perfect example of disgusting, ignorant, childish behavior, do a search of Dick Cheney's name on Facebook. Warning: these people are obscene.

M-J 02 June

It is extremely undignified and ungracious for the new president to dump on the previous administration continually, to aggrandize himself. Why are Democrats always such sore winners? They lied about Republicans throughout the Clinton years. They crapped on PRESIDENT Bush and V. P. Cheney for eight years; are they not weary of being obnoxious?

M-J 15:24 on 02 June

He is not satisfied to denigrate the Bush administration--he flies around the world, spending taxpayer money galore, in order to put down the American people and our benevolent national history. Trash America? Why not--he does not feel an allegiance to it, apparently. He didn't listen, nor did "Bush" detractors, to GWB's speeches about Islam not being the enemy. Whatever this globetrotter is going out to do on our dime, has already been done. The blindly hateful Democrats just didn't pay attention.

Record-Breaking Spending, and for What, Exactly? No One Read the Scamulus Bill, because the Princess of Pork Pelosi Would not Let Them

M-J 02 June

The dollar will be devalued until it is laughable. They're already laughing at us in China for that. The consequences of an insane spending bill, which constitutes more money than all previous presidents COMBINED ever spent, are going to shock you when they start taking effect.

M-J at 14:58 on 02 June: Do two wrongs make a right? President Obama believes that they do. That's why he is bailing out all the losers and spending trillions in unilateral paybacks and giveaways, because "Bush bailed out someone" before leaving office. PRESIDENT Bush warned in 2003 that the Democrats' no-document mortgage scam would cause banks to fail. THEY FAILED, and will fail still, because of the corrupt mortgage schemes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, led by Pres. Obama's buddies and colleagues. They laughed at President Bush when he warned of resultant disaster in 2002, and continued with their insupportable schemes. Senator John McCain warned too, in 2005, and his remedial proposal was chucked before coming to a vote because of the Democrats' steadfast desire to keep lining their pockets. Pretty soon, the only people with jobs will be government workers. And then, when the money runs out (some oldsters are not receiving their scheduled social security checks this week--what's up with that?), those government workers will be out of jobs, as well. Unless the course to financial destruction that Pres. Obama instituted is reversed, the United States will be destroyed from within. It won't stop there. Can one president ruin a whole country in less than a year? Yes, He Can!

M-J: My husband, who was water-boarded during his Special Ops service and is a torture victim of Muslim terrorists, who almost died at their hands during two weeks of beating and other sickening abuses, and who has the extreme physical scars and bumps twenty-five years later, says: "water-boarding--people pay good money at Great Adventure for more pain and discomfort than that!"

Cheney: No link between Saddam Hussein, 9/11 - CNN.com Source: www.cnn.com

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Monday that he does not believe Saddam Hussein was involved in the planning or execution of the September 11, 2001, attacks. 07:35 ·

M-J at 08:12 on 02 June:

Saddam Hussein met with 9-1-1 perp Mohammad Attah in February of 2001. Those of us who were in the NYC area on 9-1-1 do not let our guard down. It was real.

M-J at 11:40 on 02 June President Obama will not release the incontrovertible evidence that the interrogation methods used on declared terrorists-saboteurs deterred them from annihilating the city of Los Angeles. That is what intelligent people like Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and Dick Cheney want--that is BALANCE. Mr. Obama wants this exculpatory information to be obscured. So much for fairness, a new tone, and the Sunshine Law.

M-J: The new president keeps his office at a tropical 85 degrees in winter, yet he is on the radio right now chastising Americans on energy-use. We keep our abode at 60 degrees Fahrenheit all winter, and have never used air-conditioning. We have also never spent millions to go on a date, at taxpayer expense. Well, this new president did indeed create "change". He has spent trillions of dollars on giveaways designed to get him future votes from special-interest groups. That is more than all the presidents in the history of the U.S. spent, combined. Got change?

M-J at 11:41 on 02 June: When the regulations and taxes burden you and your business into extinction, don't try to blame anyone but President Obama.

M-J at 11:47 on 02 June Some people do not deserve to be defended by courageous, selfless men like Pres. GWB and V.P. Cheney. They would rather bow at the waist in idiotic, pretentious, P.C. fashion to those who would see the U.S. A. destroyed...not to mention the rest of the non-Muslim world!

M-J at 14:19 on 02 June Q) Can President Obama spend three trillion dollars in one month? A) Yes, he can!

Can President Obama tear apart the fabric of the American economy, and make this a loser-nation that no one recognizes anymore, in five months? YES, HE CAN!