Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Just Say "No Way, José!"

May 15, 2009

Say NO to Mandatorily Purchasing Health Insurance, Congress’ Crazy New Scheme

Health “insurance” is not the solution to high health-care costs. It is the basic problem with the American system. And now, the U.S. congress is writing a bill that will make purchasing “health insurance” mandatory for every citizen! The reason they don’t suggest abolishing health insurance is because congresspeople and senators are receiving kickbacks and campaign funding from these big, corrupt insurance corporations. Health “insurance” is a fallacious concept, and I’m not buying it! Call your congressperson and ask them to Just Say NO to mandatory health insurance! It will guarantee you a loss of freedom, and if you do not come to heel and do what Dictator in the House Pelosi tells you to and BUY it, you will be fined. THIS HEALTH PROPOSAL IS THE SICKEST YET!