Monday, 8 June 2009

N.Y. State Senator Dean Skelos

Sean Hannity just mentioned him. Dean Skelos is a New York State Senator who lives in Long Island. I met him and his wife at a dinner party in Great Neck years ago. Good people!
Senator Skelos, together with my old friend, Congressman Dick Zimmer of the 12th District New Jersey, got Megan's Law passed. Sen. Skelos wrote the law that keeps track of child-molesters and other sex-offenders once they are released. Megan Kanka was a little girl in New Jersey who was raped and murdered by such a person. Megan's Law requires that communities be notified when convicted sex-offenders live in their midst.

From Senator Skelos' biographical page:

This year, Senator Skelos worked with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to enact the new e-STOP law which prevents registered sex offenders from accessing social networking websites, including MySpace and Facebook, and prohibiting online communication between sex offenders and children.

In addition, Senator Skelos wrote laws eliminating the statute-of-limitations in cases of rape and violent sexual assault and, to further assist law enforcement, dramatically expanding the state’s DNA Databank. To fight fraud, waste and abuse in the state’s Medicaid program and save billions of dollars for state and local taxpayers, Senator Skelos authored the nation’s most sweeping Medicaid fraud law in 2006.