Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Another Example of Outrageous Democrat Corruption on Your Tax-Bill

Democrat Corruption: Your Tax-Dollars Padding their Lives

Or, shall we say,
"More Outrageous Democrat Corruption with Taxpayers’ Money"

Corrupt Democrat John Murtha of Pennsylvania: 150 million from taxpayers to fund his personal airport that flies to Washington, D.C. The public aspect is just a front so that he, like Nancy Pelosi, can fly in unadulterated luxury while the taxpayers keep paying more and more for less and less.

The Murtha Airport is used by only 700 people per year. We spent less on Pakistan than we did unwittingly coddling this corrupt creep.

No wonder the Princess of Pork, Nancy Pelosi, who demanded and received, on your dime, a personal super jet that could fly to D.C. from California non-stop, is such good buddies with Congressman John Murtha!

UPDATE: from the Washington Post, Murtha’s Nephew got millions in government contracts–with NO competition for them!