Tuesday, 5 May 2009

From M-J in January: Industry Not Supposed to Make Profit?

Excoriating EXXON-Mobil for "making a profit" is the trendy thing to do this week. All industries must profit. That's how they stay in business. That is how they are able to provide jobs. The oil that is needed to run commerce and the general economy--and which many citizens use to heat their homes or drive cars--is produced because the oil company makes a profit. Does the nonsensical blather in the news today herald the end of civilization?

Hugo Chavez, dictator of Venezuela and Big Oil chief, is poised to become Pres. Obama's good buddy. I wonder when the Exxon-Mobil haters are going to start bashing him for making huge oil profits? When Hell freezes over.
They would rather stay dependent upon the worst regimes in the world in order to run their Hollywood mansions, limousines and Hummers, while conveniently ignoring the truth. Exxon-Mobil pays taxes that enable lots of the little people they "care about" to get benefits and welfare. The dumbing-down of America has manifested itself in a leadership that knows nothing about economics. America's chickens are indeed coming home to roost. The coterie of clowns who mindlessly follow fashion are oblivious to the fact that while Wall Street salaries and corporate bonuses are high, and their favorite president will communistically "cap" them, the dizzying heights to which Hollywood salaries and bonuses have soared and remained will continue. How's that for hypocrisy? With the New Age Head-in-the-Sand Syndrome at its most virulent,the lop-sided double-standard they promote will go unacknowledged.

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