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Dionicio Morales: Creator of the Mexican-American Opportunity Foundation

Dionicio Morales

Former labor organizer whose efforts lead to one of the nation's largest Latino social service providers

LOS ANGELES - Dionicio Morales, a former labor organizer whose efforts helped lead to one of the nation's largest Latino social service providers, died Wednesday. He was 89.

Morales died of natural causes at Beverly Hospital in Montebello, said his daughter, Magdalena Morales.

He was organizing garment workers in the early 1960s when he decided to do something to help residents of the largely Hispanic neighborhoods east of downtown Los Angeles who lacked health care, job training, child care and other services.

He created the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation in 1963 and called the White House for help. He was referred to the Mexican Embassy, where by chance then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson was meeting with Mexico's ambassador about the same issue.

Morales eventually persuaded the vice president to meet with members of the Mexican-American community in Los Angeles. Johnson later helped his foundation secure funding from the Department of Labor.

The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation provides services including English classes and immigration assistance mainly to people with low and moderate incomes.

Born in Yuma, Ariz., in 1918, Morales was raised near Moorpark, then a small farm town, 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles. For a time he lived in a tent with other workers in the area's apricot and walnut groves.

He said he learned first-hand the need for health care and other services after several friends and relatives too poor to see a doctor died in a tuberculosis outbreak.

Condolences to the family of Dionicio Morales.

New Web-Page in honor of Mr. Dionicio Morales 

You, Madame Speaker, Are a Liar!

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Sunday, 28 September 2008

O's Dishonest Spanish Ad Still Playing, and He Can't Speak Spanish!

There is a vicious ad in Spanish playing on the radio in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Sen. O's voice comes on, in bad Spanish after the vicious lies, saying that he approves it. The ad defames Republicans in general, saying that they hate "foreigners" (there is a lot of drama in the audio ad, with an American voice taken out of its original context, yelling at someone to shut up and get out--we are supposed to assume he's addressing a Mexican), and it lies about presidential candidate John McCain, who was for humane immigration reform. President Bush and Senator McCain are the ones who worked on and proposed the amnesty program--the one the Democrats voted down! What we have now is the version of immigration policy that mistreats people coming in from Mexico. That's the policy that our Democrat congress voted in last year. This hateful hypocrisy and disingenuous campaign propaganda must not stand!
The out-of-context lines by Rush Limbaugh in the ad were another example of left-wing legerdemain: Limbaugh was quoting BRUTAL MEXICAN IMMIGRATION LAW--yes, Mexico's anti-American immigration law! Democrats depend upon the gullibility and/or ignorance of their constituencies. They presume that their followers are generally too lazy to check facts.
It is a well-known fact that John McCain and Rush Limbaugh are enemies. And, by the way, most of McCain's "friends" are Democrats--you know, the two-faced people who voted down the humane "amnesty" plan of Bush and McCain!
How pathetic that the one sentence uttered by Senator O in this outrageously untrue production isn't in correct Spanish--not even close!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Elegant Survival Says: It's Time to Defend Yourself

Things in the U.S.A. may descend into Hell's Basement soon. Before people start panicking and running amok, it's wise to set up your family with self-defense gear. Here is Elegant Survival's favorite source for The Right Stuff:

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Best and Worst-Dressed at the Emmys: Your Best Guess...

...is as good as your worst on what dress is best, and which is worse....

I wouldn't have paid any attention at all, but my husband called me over to his computer and asked me if I saw any difference between what was judged "worst" by some site, and what was deemed "best". He was appalled at the men who wore long ties with dinner jackets, and aghast over the dress designers' failures to make the women look good.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Mrs. Hectór Garcia, Wife of Civil Rights Pioneer, Dies at 88

Dr. Hectór Garcia of Texas, founder of the American G.I. Forum, a champion of veterans and the pioneer in Hispanic civil rights, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Reagan in 1984. He is pictured here with his wife, Wanda.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Sen. Fred Thompson on the Dangers of Government Guarantees


Below is a column I recently wrote for Townhall.com. To view it, and my other Townhall columns, please click here. I hope you enjoy.


The Danger of Government Guarantees

I’ll bet it came as a surprise to most folks that the financial stability of the world as we know it depends upon the survival of a couple of outfits called Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Yet that’s what the so-called experts are telling us. Moreover, we taxpayers are now being asked to guarantee Fannie and Freddie’s tab, one that could make the $124 billion S&L bailout of the late 1980s look cheap.

So how did we get stuck with this bill? Well, Congress wanted to “do something” about what it saw as a “housing problem.” To them that meant that they should create an even bigger problem.

So Congress passed laws that made it easier for hopeful home-buyers to buy houses … even when they couldn’t afford them. Then the Fed and other regulators helped, in the form of easy money and loose credit standards for mortgages.

Not surprisingly demand for houses grew, home prices rose, lenders financed additional questionable mortgages, fueling even higher prices and so on. You get the picture. This is called a bubble.

Then an amazing thing happened – apparently impossible to foresee. Home prices did not continue to rise forever! Home prices came down and easy money dried up, causing the above mentioned cycle to reverse. In other words, the bubble burst.

So you’d think the in-over-their-heads homebuyers and the mortgage bankers would take the hit, and the market would right itself. No reason for an international meltdown here, right?

Not so fast my friends. Years earlier Congress established Fannie and Freddie as purchasers of these mortgages, which they could bundle up, repackage and sell to investors, freeing up more mortgage money. As government creations tend to do, the two companies grew until they either owned or guaranteed about half the nation’s $12 trillion dollars in mortgages.

Fannie and Fred were “government sponsored enterprises” which means heads they win, tails you lose. If they make money stockholders, creditors and Fannie and Freddie employees – some making millions annually – get the benefit. But now that mortgages have hit the skids, with mounting losses, the taxpayers potentially face trillions in exposure. This is because there is an “implicit” (read “actual”) government guarantee of Fannie and Freddie’s obligations and both are now too big to be allowed to fail. This is called the “bailout phase,” which will probably lead to a bigger bubble in the future.

Lost in this immense, complex mess is the root problem most people are missing: the government is gradually becoming the guarantor of seemingly every important aspect of American secular life, creating incentives and bureaucracies that cause failure and invite fraud.

In Fan and Fred’s case, it was in no one’s interest to turn off the bubble machine. Just the opposite. The system induced borrowers to take on financial obligations they could not afford and lenders to lower lending standards. Fannie and Freddie went along because their managers’ compensation depended on the firms’ short term financial performance. And investors continued to buy complex security packages they didn’t understand, because the securities were viewed as government-backed.

Heavy campaign contributions by those benefiting from this scheme induced Members of Congress to avert their gaze from the ugly mess that was unfolding.

You’d think we’d have learned by now: when the backstop of the federal treasury makes it easier for politicians, lenders, borrowers, welfare recipients, government contractors, or anyone else, to serve their own self interest at the expense of the taxpayer, many will do just that.

That is why we continue to see self-dealing, moral lapses, outright fraud and lack of management and oversight in a wide array of programs and government-sponsored entities, from housing to Medicare, education and the Small Business Administration, all costing taxpayers billions, even trillions of dollars.

Our Founding Fathers knew more than a little bit about human nature. It is one reason why in the Constitution, the federal government was given certain delineated powers and no others. I hate to burst another bubble, but our government simply doesn’t have the authority or the capability to be the guarantor or insurer of our every need or desire. Isn’t it time we started sending that message loud and clear to the big enablers in Washington?

To read more of Senator Thompson's writings, please visit us on the web at www.fredpac.com 

Monday, 15 September 2008

Dear Governor Palin--You Rock!

I would, however, like to help you stop mispronouncing two important words: "pundit" is easy to say, and is not to be confused with "pendant". Even if the airwaves and the Disinformation Superhighway are both blighted by "pundant", which is not remotely a word, you can set a proper example for much of our political class.

The second key word is Nuclear: please say "noo-klee er", instead of the ever-popular "nookyuler", a tragic mispronunciation started by Jimmy Carter and continued by President Clinton's Secretary of Defense, Les Aspin, President Bush and so many others....

Thank you and God Bless.


Aerial Refueling Tanker Timeline from Seattle Times' Boeing News

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Air Force tanker deal may hinge on next president
Boeing won a major victory Wednesday when the Pentagon scrapped the Air Force refueling-tanker competition, throwing out the contract awarded in February to an Airbus-built plane and leaving the next president to start over.
~~The Seattle Times

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Inexpensive, Elegant Brut ("Champagne") from Spain

Elegant Survival Recommends Cristalino
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Bright green-gold color and aromas of apple, spices, flowers and nuts. Crisp, bright and dry with medium-full body. Intense ginger and apple flavors with nutty and floral nuances. Clean, lemony finish that is quite dry. A pleasure with chicken salad, scampi, filet of sole, brie and fruit desserts. Serve as an aperitif, too.

Home Security: Burglar Repellent that Barks

This barking dog needs no food and no walkies--just a bit of electricity. Click on the picture below, then look for the search-box and enter "Electronic Secure Dog".

Elegant Survival's Pick of the Week from Christabelle's Closet

Elegant Dark Green Tweed Suit by Theory, $150.00. Perfect for fall and winter--a true classic.
Measurements 34-28-35

Helping Boys Do Better in School

Interview with author Peg Tyre, about how to keep boys interested in school, and encouraging masculine nature....

Friday, 12 September 2008

Unprofessional Interviewers on the Big 3 Networks

Gaggle of Interruptive, Out-of-Control Geese Disrespects Senator McCain

The biggest waste of time, if not mistake, wrought by the McCain campaign so far, was to have the Senator appear on a television show that features a vipers' nest of at least three disrespectful, mouthy women who don't let each other speak, much less a guest.

More Mainstream Television (Big 3) Rudeness
As for Charles Gibson's interruptive, rude interview with the Republican V.P. candidate, I would like to see him ask Senator Biden about his plagiarism problem in college and in his senatorial career. Then, Charlie Gibson ought to ask Joe Biden to explain his entrenched dealings with lobbyists, like his corrupt son. Did anyone ask Senator Clinton why she felt qualified to run for president, or are these hostile tactics reserved for women in the Republican party?

I expect better English skills from Princeton alumnus Mr. Gibson, who interviewed Gov. Sarah Palin. "Doesn't that take some hubris?", he inquired, after asking the Governor if she is qualified to be on the Republican ticket. Look up that word, and see just how rude and vicious this left-leaning interviewer really is--unless, of course, he is just plain addled or unsophisticated. Oh, I forgot: rudeness and disrespect are the order of the day in the Obama campaign, and since the aforementioned vultures are in his back pocket, what can we expect from them? To use one of Senator O's own metaphors, that fish stinks from the head downward. Mr. O has violated his campaign promise of cordiality, and of civil discourse, ever since he knew he was the official Democrat nominee. You can't blame his fans for following suit, can you?

"The Right Is Wrong", Says Reader--I Respond

A "proud liberal" wrote me a rather presumptuous letter claiming that "The Right Is Wrong," and, to prove that President Bush is "in bed with Big Oil", included a news-article about Democrat-style corruption in the oil/energy sector. This is the sort of monkey-business that passed big Left-Wing muster when their darling, President Clinton, was in office. That brand of behavior was de rigueur during the reign of Clinton-Gore, and continues apace in the democrat-run congress and senate, but I don't hear anyone on their side of the aisle denouncing it. This person wants to paint a whole industry with a broad brush, and condemn it in its entirety. Take a look at the Big Oil people they admire, including Hugo Chavez and the benevolent state of Iran.

President Bush is not on the right--he is a moderate who is called "hopelessly liberal" by right-wingers. I gave credit to President Clinton when he did something useful, unlike the "proud liberal" left, which blindly opposes anything a Republican does, even when it was conceived by one of their own! And I am not a Republican: I am an Independent. "The Right Is Wrong" is an attempt at clever use of English, but irrelevant to anyone with an objective turn of mind.

The writer of the letter uses oil. I use oil. Everyone uses oil. I drive a 20-year old car an average of twice a month. It gets 25 mpg. I paint with oil, so I use more oil for my work than for motoring. Educated people know that there are countless applications for oil that go far beyond automotive use. Incidentally, why are the most left-wing towns in the U.S. blighted with huge, gas-guzzling SUVs? I have recently been overwhelmed by the large number of anti-oil industry stickers on massive sport utility vehicles in Seattle, Boulder, Princeton and Santa Fe--will the shrieking hypocrisy of these tragically confused persons never cease?

The writer wrongly assumes that I haven't clapped eyes on the news-piece he forwarded as an "educational" tool. Kindly spare me the tutorial. I haven't been living under a rock, though I wouldn't mind doing so (rocks rock!). I had already read the very same piece he sent me. I stand against corruption, but advocate oil and gas independence for the United States. Thinking people understand the need for it. There will be disastrous results if our leaders are intimidated by an irrational minority and continue on the left-leaning path we have been toddling down for thirty years. Russia is flexing its muscles because it is now oil and gas rich, and Canada's economy is going strong for the same reasons.

I am practical rather than politically-motivated. The rather jejune conclusion that we can't become oil-and-gas independent because some president is "in bed with big oil" is self-defeating and short-sighted. The suggestion that anyone who believes this is wrong particularly grates on my nerves. Who is "wrong" about WHAT? Of course people are doing wrong. They do it every day, and I have no control over it, nor does the "proud liberal" in question. I shall, however, vote for the people who have sensible, realistic strategies for the U.S. And that's not Obama. I liked him in the beginning, and may have voted for him based on what I knew then, but, among other questionable developments, he has proposed using the strategic oil and gas reserves as a quick-fix pacifier, sort of a pie-hole plug for adults to shut them up about the price of gas. That type of cynical, short-sighted, sophomoric thinking shows that Senator Obama is not ready for the show. The United States will continue to need oil and gas, as new energy sources and processes are made available. Clean coal, thanks to the chemical engineering departments at U.S. universities, has been around for at least ten years, and is just now being considered for energy-use. "Environmentalists" have hypocritically shunned windmill power because it would "ruin the view". Mercifully, they are just beginning to change their tune.

Oh, by the way, apparently the writer of wrongs didn't comprehend my piece entitled, "The True Definition of Big Oil". Big oil isn't Exxon or Mobil. There's much bigger oil in this world than those American, domestic-job-producing companies, and only the most naive among us ignore that simple fact. The Lefties are intent upon keeping dictators in power with American money to buy their oil and bolster their repressive regimes. "Not in my backyard" acquires evil new meaning when one considers just what these lefty loonies are proposing. No one who is remotely educated believes that "alternative" power sources are ready to cover all U.S. energy needs. And, as I've written before, food and water sacrificed for ethanol is just not efficient. It takes fifty gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol. The Western hemisphere's poor subsist on corn products--and, no, they cannot all "grow their own". There is something perverse about people who callously declare that poor subsistence farmers can grow their own food.... Others less fortunate than you need to eat, as well, and let's not make basic food unaffordable for them! Get realistic, and stop the finger-pointing. Pretending to be morally superior won't get it done. If "The Right Is Wrong", the Left has taken leave of its senses!

Copyright M-J de M., September 12th, 2008

U.S. Ambassador to Sweden's Statement on Russian Oil

Statement by US Ambassador to Sweden, Michael M. Wood

I have made alternative energy the focus on my tenure as US Ambassador to Sweden. For the past two years I have travelled to all 21 län [counties] visiting Swedish alternative energy companies. I compiled information about these companies into a list, sometimes simply called the Ambassador’s List, which I have shared with American investors.

At the end of September, I will unveil the latest version of the list, with more than 50 companies on it, at a meeting in New York City. My hope is that these great Swedish ideas can grow and spread through partnership with American investors, researchers and alternative energy companies.

I have emphasized alternative energy cooperation for two reasons. Like most Swedes and most Americans, I am concerned about global warming. We all recognize the danger posed by climate- change, and want to do something about it. Alternative energy is key to any realistic solution to the climate challenge.

Russia’s invasion of Georgia brought into stark relief the other major reason why we need alternative energy: energy security.

About 58 percent of the petroleum that we use in the U.S. is imported from foreign countries. We are dependent on other nations for more than half of our oil needs. Dependence on foreign sources is not a great problem if the sources are diversified. The U.S. gets its oil from North America (Canada, Mexico), the Middle East (Saudi Arabia), Africa (Nigeria) and South America (Venezuela). Europe, however, is at risk because it relies too much on one unreliable energy supplier: Russia.

Five European Union members are wholly dependent on Russia for their natural gas, and four more receive more than 50 percent of their natural gas from Russia. One third of all EU oil imports come from Russia. And we know that Russia will not hesitate to use energy as a weapon. On New Year’s Day 2006, Russia cut off natural gas supplies to and through Ukraine because of a contract dispute.

About 80 percent of the natural gas Europe imports from Russia passes across Ukraine, so the effects were felt not just in Ukraine, but as far away as Italy. In May 2007, Russia cut off delivery of oil products and coal to Estonia because the Estonian government decided to move a monument to the Red Army to a less prominent location.

Sweden is less vulnerable to energy threats than many European countries. Hydropower and nuclear energy provide for almost all of Sweden’s electricity needs. Oil is imported for transportation, but as ethanol vehicles and electric hybrids become more common, oil imports should become relatively less important. Overall, 36 percent of Sweden’s energy needs are met from foreign sources, compared to about 50 percent for the EU 27 as a whole.

Starting from this position of relative energy independence, Sweden can be a leader in efforts to reduce dependence on Russian energy supplies. Europe needs to unite and speak with one voice on energy, not allowing Russia to sow differences between European states as it has often done in the energy arena.

In the EU Summit Declaration on Georgia on September 1 there was a brief statement that indicates that European leaders understand their difficult situation: "Recent events illustrate the need for Europe to intensify its efforts with regard to the security of energy supplies.”

There are two primary ways to do this:

First, keep developing alternative fuels. Ethanol instead of gasoline, biogas instead of natural gas, solar and wind power instead of coal; all of these steps will reduce dependence on imported oil and natural gas while also cutting carbon emissions. Sweden leads the world in alternative energy technology. I will continue my efforts to create lasting linkages between energy innovators in the U.S. and Sweden.

Second, develop alternative fuel routes. Europe needs to work with the energy producing and transit countries in Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey to develop an energy infrastructure outside the Kremlin’s control. Russia’s invasion of Georgia shattered one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies. It was also a significant setback to the Nabucco pipeline project. The European Parliament and the Council of Europe initiated Nabucco in 2003.

This pipeline and another new project, the Turkey-Greece-Italy pipeline, will when completed bring natural gas from the Caspian Sea through Georgia to Turkey and then into the heart of Europe. It represents a non-Russian supply of natural gas passing from the exporting countries directly to Europe without crossing Russian territory. Needless to say, this would reduce Russia’s ability to cut off natural gas to Europe as it did in 2006 and 2007.

On the other hand, one energy pipeline that should be reexamined is the South Stream project, which may not be in Europe’s overall interests. South Stream, a natural gas pipeline that will be firmly in Russian control, will not do much to provide new energy supplies to Europe. The principal goal is simply to cut Ukraine out of a portion of the natural gas distribution system. This is a time for Europe to bolster Ukraine, not undermine it.

Closer to home, Sweden should also take a hard look at Nord Stream, the proposed natural gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea to bring more Russian natural gas to Germany. Nord Stream bypasses the Baltic States and Poland, potential consumers, and represents a special arrangement between Germany and Russia. The EU should be speaking with a single voice to counteract the power of Russia’s energy weapon.

The economies of the United States and Europe are going to depend on imported oil and natural gas for many years to come. We need to recognize the threat posed by this dependence and take steps to counter it. On September 11 and 12, top energy experts from the United States, Sweden and the rest of Europe will meet in Stockholm for an extraordinary Transatlantic Energy Security Dialogue.

This gathering underscores the heightened concern about European energy supplies following Russia’s aggression against Georgia. We must create alternative forms of energy, and we must establish new ways to get the imports that we can’t, for the moment, do without.

US Ambassador Michael M Wood’s article was originally published in Swedish by Svenska Dagbladet .

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Brigitte Gabriel on Bob Grant Show 9-1-1: Act for America.org

Lebanese expatriate in the U.S., Brigitte Gabriel's Act for America.org

Insanity Personified

Exploitation at Its Most Risible: the Loony Bin Dragnet Missed a Few

9-1-1: Murderous Sabotage

Photo taken in October 2001 in Harley, Pennsylvania

Just before 9-1-1, or 911, I was listening to WOR radio NYC, and the big issue was whether or not the U.S. National Anthem should be played at the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. The controversy was that it might seem "jingoistic". The aforementioned argument was dwarfed and became specious and ridiculous on 9-1-1. I thought it was symptomatic of a spoiled and ungrateful polulation--that this should have been an issue. Then later in the day on 911, the congress stood on the steps of the Capitol and sang "God Bless America". This show of unity, predictably, lasted a couple of weeks, and then the same ol' America haters began the Blame Game. I attended a seminar in October 2001, with members of the press at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, where leftist David Corn and others took immense pleasure in blaming the new administration for 9-1-1. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney began bleating in 2002 that President Bush was to blame for 9-1-1. Hardly surprising, that, coming from a follower of Louis Farrakhan. People forget that the White House was trashed by the Clinton administration's minyans--computer systems completely destroyed, et cetera, and that the usual transition period for a new president had been shortened by four months. The resultant scrambling, quick catch-up that the Bush administration went through for nine months prior to 9-1-1 was a distraction planned by the Clintons and their scorched-earth policy, certainly causing them much satisfaction, and oh, yes--remember the terrorist attack on the USS Cole? That was but one of the terroristic acts of murderous sabotage that occurred on President Clinton's watch. And if I had time right now, I could cite a lot of other things that really stink about the lead-up to 9-1-1--like Egyptian World Trade Center bomber Mohammad Atta meeting with Saddam Hussein in February, 2001.

Thank You, 9-1-1 Heroes

Ladder 8 in downtown Manhattan lost one man, Lieutenant Vincent Halloran, in the Twin Towers. These heroes survived (all photos 1998 copyright M-J de M).

My Local Paper, 9-18-2001

The Princeton Packet, September18th, 2001 (click on image and it will enlarge)

The Todd Beamer obituary continues on the second image. Click it to enlarge. And then there is the obit of my old friend whom I worked with in the English-Speaking Union, Henry Chace Tatnall. I'd gone to his wedding, and would go to his memorial service. The 9-1-1 experience was such that everyone was on needles and pins at the church. We still expected anything to happen, for months on end afterwards. Now, people forget, and conspiracy theorists around the world,who hate America, even in Russia, are making 9-1-1 their plaything. Real people saw the planes crash into the towers, and real people died in them.
The tiny Ivy League town Princeton Borough had a heavy cloud of yellow-gray smoke hanging over it at 5:00 a.m. on September 12th, 2001, as I picked up my very truncated issue of the Wall Street Journal from my front porch. The WSJ had moved their HQ during the night, to North Brunswick just up the road from Princeton. The air smelled like burning metal, among other unidentifiable odors. I had been at Princeton Racquet Club the morning before, and one of the owners/coaches (Colleen Cosgrove & Judy) whispered something to the other one, who expressed shock. When asked what was wrong, they said they'd tell us after class in fifteen minutes. I asked if another building had been blown up in nearby Manhattan--I had been waiting for the second shoe to drop since 1993, when the first bombing of the World Trade Center was done. I was in Manhattan that day in February, 1993, and it was total chaos as people tried to leave the tiny island. She said, "Yes--but worse", and I told my tennis colleague, Cynthia Miner, that this was going to be the news story for a long time to come. I went home and saw another plane fly into the Twin Towers.

I had a red and white sign produced by the Times of Trenton: "U.S. Attacked by Terrorists", which had fallen from the newspaper box on Nassau St., walking distance from my place That was a very strange collectors' item. I don't have it anymore. I also had the Wanted: Dead or Alive New Yok Post cover, depicting Osama bin Laden.

A few months later, 9-1-1 hero Todd (and wife Lisa) Beamer's baby was born in Princeton Medical Center.

~~M-J de M.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Security Cameras for Your Home

There are many applications and purposes for security and surveillance cameras these days: Elegant Survival has a trusted source for them.
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Drillin' and Chillin'

Why are the economies of Alaska and Canada so strong? OIL!

Elegant, Inexpensive Decorating: Thermal Window Treatment

Golden Wood Blinds in an Elegant, Energy-Efficient Room

Picture these warm, radiantly golden wood blinds in a room painted chocolate brown. Then, the light-colored sofa would take on a whole new aspect, while being accented by some brown and gold velvet cushions or pillows. With dark brown walls, this room could be an elegant study or library. The ceiling could be painted a glowing shade of golden brown or tan. As the room appears now, there is no contrast between room elements, and it looks cold. Speaking of temperature, imagine how warm this room could be in winter, with insulation provided by the wooden blinds and thick, velvet drapes. A heavy, woven brocade in brown, gold, and ivory would make an elegant window covering. Blinds and drapes also keep a room cool in summer. The combination of warm, dark wall-color, wooden blinds and opulent velvet or brocade curtains can make a room inviting and energy-efficient year-round. This combination of window-treatment elements will also help block out noise.


Click on Photo for Source

Jacquard Curtains

Velvet Curtains

Thermal Blackout Curtains (Overstock.com misspells burgundy, but they have great deals and a live-chat feature where any questions you have about the product are answered quickly.)

Monday, 8 September 2008

Our Huddled Masses of Oil, Yearning to Break Free

Our Huddled Masses of Oil, Yearning to Break Free

It takes fifty gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol. How wasteful.

Sir Richard Branson’s bio-fueled flight of two hours required the oil of 150,000 coconuts.Think of all the poor people who could survive on 150,000 coconuts. For a two-hour flight, that’s dreadfully wasteful.

Fortunately, the earth produces oil. It longs to purge it. Hollywood types ought to relate to that impulse.

Copyright M-J de M. 2008

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Elegant Apple Pie

Photo Copyright Elegant Survival, 2008--click image to enlarge

M-J's Elegant Apple Pie Recipe
  • 4 cups of white flour
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 stick of salted butter, cut into 8 pieces
  • ¾ cup of chilled lard (“manteca”)
  • 7 Fuji apples--cored, peeled, and thinly sliced (reserve peels and cores)
  • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup light-brown sugar (or more, according to your to your taste)
  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup of cold water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 additional half stick of butter
  • An extra 2 tablespoons of sugar, either white or brown
  • One cup of water

  • 1. Make the dough: put one stick of cold butter into a large mixing bowl, together with the 3/4 cup of chilled lard and a teaspoon of salt. Add flour gradually, working it into the butter and lard. Add approximately 3/4 cup of cold water, then cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon at a time, until the dough forms small pea-shaped balls, and when formed into a large mound, it holds together. Sometimes less cold water is required--believe it or not, the amount needed to make a pie dough with this recipe depends upon the moon.'s current phase. Mix this by hand, since machine will create a tough pie crust. I use an old-fashioned wire potato masher and a wooden spoon. When the dough sticks together but doesn't stick to your hands, shape it into 2 balls, wrap each in plastic wrap, and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.
  • 2. Put all of your apple peelings and cores into a saucepan on the stove with a cup of water and two tablespoons of sugar, and boil until the liquid becomes syrup. Strain liquid from solids and reserve it. The peelings can then be eaten or ground into applesauce--it's important not to waste any edible part of your apples.
  • 3. Assemble the pie: heat your oven to 425°F. Roll out one ball of dough into a 12-inch round about 1/8-inch thick, on a lightly floured surface. Fit the dough into a 9 or10-inch pie pan. Place one layer of apple slices into the dough-lined pan. Cover them with two tablespoons of cornstarch and a quarter-cup of brown sugar. Repeat this process with apples, sugars and cinnamon. Distribute the half-stick of butter on top of the apples after slicing it into bits. Add your apple syrup over the top of the pie. Alternatively, I sometimes skip the step of creating syrup from my apple peelings, and just use some apple juice concentrate (found in grocery frozen juice section).
  • Roll out the second ball of dough for the top crust. Brush the edges of the bottom crust with water or milk, and lay the top crust down, pressing the edges together to form a tight seal. Use your imagination to pierce or slice a design into the top of the pie to allow steam to escape. Bake for ten minutes at 425*F, then lower your oven heat to 350* and bake for another hour. Let the apple pie cool for a minimum of two hours before serving.
  • Elegant Apple Pie Recipe Copyright M-J de Mesterton 2008

Elegant Survival Says: Defend Yourself!

Elegant Kitchen Cupboard Organization

To achieve a uniform and elegant look in even the most modest of kitchen cupboards, clean and fill containers recycled from products you use regularly, as well as glass jars purchased from health stores, which usually cost a couple of dollars each.

Elegant Survival's Pick of the Week from Christabelle's Closet

Ralph Lauren Black Label Wool Dress Suit, for a fraction of its original price. This is a nice ensemble for evening, and since it is made of wool, perfect for winter and spring.

For an Elegant Teen: Plaid Wool Jumper

A teen can jazz up this jumper with a belt and a cotton or silk turtleneck.

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Friday, 5 September 2008

The True Definition of Big Oil

The popular term, “Big Oil”, always said with a sneer by left-wingers and their brainwashed buddies, has been so erroneously applied and overused that a little reality-check is in order.

Who Is Big Oil?

Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela, Putin’s Russia, and resource-rich Nigeria,
all darlings of the left, constitute


together with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, whose oil production and export is owned and controlled exclusively by the governments of those states.

Up with Big Oil

It's Energy Independence, Stupid!

According to some sources today, Democrats are claiming that Senator McCain didn’t “talk about the economy” in his acceptance speech last night. I listened to it. Not only did he address the issue of jobs, homes and the cost of living, he emphasized the importance of American energy independence. Thinking people know that there is a direct correlation between the high cost of foreign-supplied oil and every sector of our economy. Being on the left means never having to read the news. The economy depends on energy independence, stupid!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

So, the Election Is "Too Close to Call"...?

Ignore Those “Calling” the Election

I wrote this here in 2006, and it is just as relevant in 2008:

Who ARE these entities that “call” the elections before you even get the chance to VOTE? What gives them any power? I’m certainly not. They are merely trying to sway the results on election day by giving potential voters the notion that there is no point to going and actually voting. Don’t empower them–stand up for your right to choose a candidate with your vote! Elections are decided by those who vote; not by those who prognosticate. If anyone says "It's too close to call", I answer, "Who asked you to?"

Beware of Buying Meat at Whole Foods

The recall of ground beef at Whole Foods Market has cast a spotlight on Nebraska Beef of Omaha, one of the country's largest meatpackers. Seven people in Massachusetts, from ages 3 to 60, were sickened by E. coli from beef bought at Whole Foods stores. The same strain has sickened 31 people in 12 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada.

The Whole Foods ground beef was among 1.2 million pounds of Nebraska Beef recalled in August. The processor also recalled 5 million pounds produced in May and June after its beef was blamed for another E. coli outbreak in seven states.

Sanitation violations over the past six years at Nebraska Beef, include:

  • The USDA shut down the plant three times in 2002 and 2003 for problems such as filth on carcasses and water dripping off pipes onto meat
  • In 2004 and early 2005, Nebraska Beef was written up at least five times for not removing brains or spinal cords from the food supply, as required
  • U.S. inspectors in August 2006 threatened to suspend Nebraska Beef operations for not following requirements for controlling E. coli
  • Also in 2006, Minnesota health officials blamed Nebraska Beef for sickening 17 people who ate meatballs at a church potluck; several victims filed lawsuits against Nebraska Beef, including the family of a woman who died

Whole Foods claims that it did not know that their supplier, Meyer Natural Angus (sold under the Coleman Natural brand), had switched processing plants to the Nebraska Beef facility.

Monday, 1 September 2008

Because It Is Being Suppressed, Here's a News Item

Anti-War Protest at GOP Convention Turns Violent

By Stephen Clark

ST. PAUL –A protest near the site of the Republican National Convention gave way to violence Monday as demonstrators attacked members of the Connecticut delegation, smashed windows, slashed car tires and threw bottles during an anti-war march, St. Paul police said.

Tattoos: You Have to Hate Yourself to Get One, but They May Be Undone

A New Procedure Is Said to Remove Tattoos without Pain or Scarring

So much for the "back to nature" crowd, who don't mind crowding their skin with colored needle-marks. Temporary insanity may be the cause of so many tattoos, or drug-induced delusions, but tattoos are permanent. Still, people have tried to have them erased. Removing regrettable tattoos from skin has traditionally been a painful process. Lately, cosmetic surgeons have developed what they say is a more efficient and less painful method for removing "body art".

An innovative cream called Rejuvi, when injected into the skin, is absorbed by a tatoo's synthetically-pigmented cells and bonds with the pigment. The ink is thereby softened and lifted to the epidermal surface, where it forms a scab. When the scab falls off after six to eight weeks, the ink supposedly goes with it.

Experts claim that this new technique has a better success rate than oft-used laser treatments, is less expensive, less painful, and involves a lower risk of residual scar-tissue.

Mr. Hannity: It's Palin, NOT "Pellin"!

Broadcasting standards have slipped, I know, but you could at least pronounce the name of Alaska's governor correctly: pay-lin, not "pehlin" is the proper way to say it. Don't let your chronic vowel-trouble get in the way. Thank you.

UPDATE, September 4th: Mr. Hannity has learned to say, "Palin" properly!

The Left Always Opposes Its "Own" Ideas...

...when they are carried out by Republicans. Social Security reform, blacks and women ("Aunt Jemima" cartoon against Condoleezza Rice comes to mind, as well as their calling Gen. Colin Powell a "puppet" and black Supreme Court Justice Thomas, appointed by a Republican president, being trashed on a serial basis) as Secretary of State, female Vice Presidential candidate (putrid, vicious and sexist attacks against Gov. Palin), human rights (near-term babies born alive in late-term abortions "have to be killed", they believe, and they apparently think that innocent victims of Saddam Hussein and Sons had the meat-grinder and rape-rooms coming to them). Racism, sexism, barbarism are all supported heavily by today's leftists.

Senator O's admonition on Monday to not waste valuable resources going to Louisiana during the storm Gustav mirrored the initial instinct of President Bush during Katrina--the same one that was vilified by vicious finger-pointers, always childishly looking for a scapegoat for an act of nature, in 2005. I don't hear anyone crying "hypocrite!"

Guilt by association only applies to their opponents. While they attempt to make political hay out of the fact that Sarah Palin's husband wore a hard-hat working at an oil-field (no matter how you spin it, that's not being in "Big Oil's" pocket; Gov. Palin beat big oil companies down when they wanted too much), Sen. O's long-standing relationships with a couple of professionals--a minister and a terrorist--whose very words and deeds propounding hatred against his country are not supposed to be meaningful.

The left tries to make an issue of the McCains' real-estate holdings, while President Clinton made 120 million in honorariums last year for patting himself on the back, John Kerry is as rich as Croesus, and wealthy Senator O's brother lives in a hut on $12 bucks a year; Senators Gore and Edwards use enough power at their respective mansions to operate a couple of developing nations.

Michael Moore, darling of the left, has announced that because Hurricane Gustav was heading towards New Orleans in a destructive scourge, "there IS a God". Ostensibly he was referring to the fact that the Republicans' comparatively modest convention would be adversely impacted. The Leftists never care who is hurt in their quest for power--this time one of their head honchos was eager to see a city of blacks and poor people sacrificed for his whims. And by the way, I see that he took my advice and shaved his mendacious mug.

Violent "peaceniks" won't let the Republicans have their abbreviated, modest meeting in Minneapolis. They don't believe in violence or war, yet they are throwing bombs and excrement at 80-year olds who are attending the convention, at least one of whom had to be treated for wounds at a hospital. They also are trying to thwart freedom of speech, once again.

The O campaign has already gone off their pledge to carry on a positive campaign. The morning after Senator McCain ran an ad on television commending and congratulating Senator O on his historic presidential nomination, O issued a statement disparaging McCain's V.P. pick. The left is hypocritical, hateful and sick.

The Malevolent Mountain of Meat Takes His Rightful Place in Jail

Radio's Bernie Ward gets seven years.

Miscreant Won't Be Missed

The left-wing defender of poor reasoning was on FNC, arguing against his country on a split-screen with my husband in spring 2003. Ward spewed his anti-American venom, blaming the U.S. for 9-1-1, and at the end of the segment, after repeatedly interrupting him, hissed at my husband, "Go back to France!", because he had a diverse opinion. Freedom of speech only applies to the left-wingers. The Ward case was made into mince-meat nonetheless on that occasion in 2003, by the way. He looked and sounded like a desperate, shrieking lunatic.