Saturday, 28 June 2008

Friday, 27 June 2008

U.S.S. Cole Visits Sweden

Participating in BALTOPS, a Baltic Sea naval extravaganza, the U.S.S. Cole pulled into Stockholm after navigating the complex Swedish Archipelago.
Article in Sweden's English-Language On-Line Newspaper, The Local

U.S. Consulate Stockholm: Press Release Explaining BALTOPS

Photo of U.S.S. Cole in Stockholm, by Pino of Shipspotting

Friday, 20 June 2008

Ah, the Romance of Africa... husband found this link.

Another Interesting Bit from Don Hagen: Sun's Corona Hotter than Ever

Don Hagen has discovered a revealing piece in Science News Daily, and passed it and his comments on to me.

Stuff happens, and it's not always human-driven. Those who believe that the human race can control the temperature of the sun's corona are delusionals with egos the size of Jupiter!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Don't Cry for the Sea, Lars* and Tina...

...offshore drilling won't effect you. You can still be pro-active, in a way that puts your money where your mouth is: stop driving cars, burning candles, using plastic products of any kind ("pleather" comes to mind), and quitting your ridiculous "Burning Man" act, which causes lots of pollution.

And the one-tenth of one percent portion of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge, or ANWR that will be used for low-environmental impact drilling for oil won't effect you at all, nor will it bother the natives--human and animal alike.

Find another issue to propagandize, you opponents of U.S. oil drilling! Don't bother to check facts; rather, stay as ignorant and small-minded as you are, for you have had success in the past with your intimidation tactics. And besides, if you think it is so evil, why on earth do you wish oil-drilling upon other countries where your great allies reside? Are you just more hypocrites who feign concern, while crying, "Not In My Back Yard!"
That's right, you're not renegades--you are just namby-pamby NIMBYs!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today that she cannot go along with the president's proposal to become energy-independent, "because of environmental concerns"--I think what she really means is that she is concerned about being threatened by a vicious constituency whose support she enjoys: technologically ignorant Luddites who call themselves "evironmentalists". Yes, they are a nasty, violent minority--the people whose knowledge of innovations in the oil-drilling business represents a vacuum of colossal proportions. They are the people who set fire to an Oregon SUV dealership, causing more pollution than any modern oil-drilling operation possibly could.


Monday, 2 June 2008

Lance Corporal Robert Crutchfield Dies from Mugging Incident in Cleveland

This is the kind of story that makes me deeply sick, wrote my husband from his computer in the other room, when he discovered this senseless crime against a Marine who was home in Cleveland between stints in Iraq. Me, too.
CNN Story on the Death of Lance Porporal Robert Crutchfield

The two perps need to be punished to the maximum degree. If they were shot in the neck, as they did to Robert Crutchfield while mugging him for 8 dollars at a bus-stop, it would save the U.S. megabucks. But no, they will live on indefinitely.