Friday, 12 September 2008

"The Right Is Wrong", Says Reader--I Respond

A "proud liberal" wrote me a rather presumptuous letter claiming that "The Right Is Wrong," and, to prove that President Bush is "in bed with Big Oil", included a news-article about Democrat-style corruption in the oil/energy sector. This is the sort of monkey-business that passed big Left-Wing muster when their darling, President Clinton, was in office. That brand of behavior was de rigueur during the reign of Clinton-Gore, and continues apace in the democrat-run congress and senate, but I don't hear anyone on their side of the aisle denouncing it. This person wants to paint a whole industry with a broad brush, and condemn it in its entirety. Take a look at the Big Oil people they admire, including Hugo Chavez and the benevolent state of Iran.

President Bush is not on the right--he is a moderate who is called "hopelessly liberal" by right-wingers. I gave credit to President Clinton when he did something useful, unlike the "proud liberal" left, which blindly opposes anything a Republican does, even when it was conceived by one of their own! And I am not a Republican: I am an Independent. "The Right Is Wrong" is an attempt at clever use of English, but irrelevant to anyone with an objective turn of mind.

The writer of the letter uses oil. I use oil. Everyone uses oil. I drive a 20-year old car an average of twice a month. It gets 25 mpg. I paint with oil, so I use more oil for my work than for motoring. Educated people know that there are countless applications for oil that go far beyond automotive use. Incidentally, why are the most left-wing towns in the U.S. blighted with huge, gas-guzzling SUVs? I have recently been overwhelmed by the large number of anti-oil industry stickers on massive sport utility vehicles in Seattle, Boulder, Princeton and Santa Fe--will the shrieking hypocrisy of these tragically confused persons never cease?

The writer wrongly assumes that I haven't clapped eyes on the news-piece he forwarded as an "educational" tool. Kindly spare me the tutorial. I haven't been living under a rock, though I wouldn't mind doing so (rocks rock!). I had already read the very same piece he sent me. I stand against corruption, but advocate oil and gas independence for the United States. Thinking people understand the need for it. There will be disastrous results if our leaders are intimidated by an irrational minority and continue on the left-leaning path we have been toddling down for thirty years. Russia is flexing its muscles because it is now oil and gas rich, and Canada's economy is going strong for the same reasons.

I am practical rather than politically-motivated. The rather jejune conclusion that we can't become oil-and-gas independent because some president is "in bed with big oil" is self-defeating and short-sighted. The suggestion that anyone who believes this is wrong particularly grates on my nerves. Who is "wrong" about WHAT? Of course people are doing wrong. They do it every day, and I have no control over it, nor does the "proud liberal" in question. I shall, however, vote for the people who have sensible, realistic strategies for the U.S. And that's not Obama. I liked him in the beginning, and may have voted for him based on what I knew then, but, among other questionable developments, he has proposed using the strategic oil and gas reserves as a quick-fix pacifier, sort of a pie-hole plug for adults to shut them up about the price of gas. That type of cynical, short-sighted, sophomoric thinking shows that Senator Obama is not ready for the show. The United States will continue to need oil and gas, as new energy sources and processes are made available. Clean coal, thanks to the chemical engineering departments at U.S. universities, has been around for at least ten years, and is just now being considered for energy-use. "Environmentalists" have hypocritically shunned windmill power because it would "ruin the view". Mercifully, they are just beginning to change their tune.

Oh, by the way, apparently the writer of wrongs didn't comprehend my piece entitled, "The True Definition of Big Oil". Big oil isn't Exxon or Mobil. There's much bigger oil in this world than those American, domestic-job-producing companies, and only the most naive among us ignore that simple fact. The Lefties are intent upon keeping dictators in power with American money to buy their oil and bolster their repressive regimes. "Not in my backyard" acquires evil new meaning when one considers just what these lefty loonies are proposing. No one who is remotely educated believes that "alternative" power sources are ready to cover all U.S. energy needs. And, as I've written before, food and water sacrificed for ethanol is just not efficient. It takes fifty gallons of water to produce one gallon of ethanol. The Western hemisphere's poor subsist on corn products--and, no, they cannot all "grow their own". There is something perverse about people who callously declare that poor subsistence farmers can grow their own food.... Others less fortunate than you need to eat, as well, and let's not make basic food unaffordable for them! Get realistic, and stop the finger-pointing. Pretending to be morally superior won't get it done. If "The Right Is Wrong", the Left has taken leave of its senses!

Copyright M-J de M., September 12th, 2008