Sunday, 28 September 2008

O's Dishonest Spanish Ad Still Playing, and He Can't Speak Spanish!

There is a vicious ad in Spanish playing on the radio in Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Sen. O's voice comes on, in bad Spanish after the vicious lies, saying that he approves it. The ad defames Republicans in general, saying that they hate "foreigners" (there is a lot of drama in the audio ad, with an American voice taken out of its original context, yelling at someone to shut up and get out--we are supposed to assume he's addressing a Mexican), and it lies about presidential candidate John McCain, who was for humane immigration reform. President Bush and Senator McCain are the ones who worked on and proposed the amnesty program--the one the Democrats voted down! What we have now is the version of immigration policy that mistreats people coming in from Mexico. That's the policy that our Democrat congress voted in last year. This hateful hypocrisy and disingenuous campaign propaganda must not stand!
The out-of-context lines by Rush Limbaugh in the ad were another example of left-wing legerdemain: Limbaugh was quoting BRUTAL MEXICAN IMMIGRATION LAW--yes, Mexico's anti-American immigration law! Democrats depend upon the gullibility and/or ignorance of their constituencies. They presume that their followers are generally too lazy to check facts.
It is a well-known fact that John McCain and Rush Limbaugh are enemies. And, by the way, most of McCain's "friends" are Democrats--you know, the two-faced people who voted down the humane "amnesty" plan of Bush and McCain!
How pathetic that the one sentence uttered by Senator O in this outrageously untrue production isn't in correct Spanish--not even close!