Monday, 1 September 2008

The Left Always Opposes Its "Own" Ideas...

...when they are carried out by Republicans. Social Security reform, blacks and women ("Aunt Jemima" cartoon against Condoleezza Rice comes to mind, as well as their calling Gen. Colin Powell a "puppet" and black Supreme Court Justice Thomas, appointed by a Republican president, being trashed on a serial basis) as Secretary of State, female Vice Presidential candidate (putrid, vicious and sexist attacks against Gov. Palin), human rights (near-term babies born alive in late-term abortions "have to be killed", they believe, and they apparently think that innocent victims of Saddam Hussein and Sons had the meat-grinder and rape-rooms coming to them). Racism, sexism, barbarism are all supported heavily by today's leftists.

Senator O's admonition on Monday to not waste valuable resources going to Louisiana during the storm Gustav mirrored the initial instinct of President Bush during Katrina--the same one that was vilified by vicious finger-pointers, always childishly looking for a scapegoat for an act of nature, in 2005. I don't hear anyone crying "hypocrite!"

Guilt by association only applies to their opponents. While they attempt to make political hay out of the fact that Sarah Palin's husband wore a hard-hat working at an oil-field (no matter how you spin it, that's not being in "Big Oil's" pocket; Gov. Palin beat big oil companies down when they wanted too much), Sen. O's long-standing relationships with a couple of professionals--a minister and a terrorist--whose very words and deeds propounding hatred against his country are not supposed to be meaningful.

The left tries to make an issue of the McCains' real-estate holdings, while President Clinton made 120 million in honorariums last year for patting himself on the back, John Kerry is as rich as Croesus, and wealthy Senator O's brother lives in a hut on $12 bucks a year; Senators Gore and Edwards use enough power at their respective mansions to operate a couple of developing nations.

Michael Moore, darling of the left, has announced that because Hurricane Gustav was heading towards New Orleans in a destructive scourge, "there IS a God". Ostensibly he was referring to the fact that the Republicans' comparatively modest convention would be adversely impacted. The Leftists never care who is hurt in their quest for power--this time one of their head honchos was eager to see a city of blacks and poor people sacrificed for his whims. And by the way, I see that he took my advice and shaved his mendacious mug.

Violent "peaceniks" won't let the Republicans have their abbreviated, modest meeting in Minneapolis. They don't believe in violence or war, yet they are throwing bombs and excrement at 80-year olds who are attending the convention, at least one of whom had to be treated for wounds at a hospital. They also are trying to thwart freedom of speech, once again.

The O campaign has already gone off their pledge to carry on a positive campaign. The morning after Senator McCain ran an ad on television commending and congratulating Senator O on his historic presidential nomination, O issued a statement disparaging McCain's V.P. pick. The left is hypocritical, hateful and sick.