Friday, 12 September 2008

Unprofessional Interviewers on the Big 3 Networks

Gaggle of Interruptive, Out-of-Control Geese Disrespects Senator McCain

The biggest waste of time, if not mistake, wrought by the McCain campaign so far, was to have the Senator appear on a television show that features a vipers' nest of at least three disrespectful, mouthy women who don't let each other speak, much less a guest.

More Mainstream Television (Big 3) Rudeness
As for Charles Gibson's interruptive, rude interview with the Republican V.P. candidate, I would like to see him ask Senator Biden about his plagiarism problem in college and in his senatorial career. Then, Charlie Gibson ought to ask Joe Biden to explain his entrenched dealings with lobbyists, like his corrupt son. Did anyone ask Senator Clinton why she felt qualified to run for president, or are these hostile tactics reserved for women in the Republican party?

I expect better English skills from Princeton alumnus Mr. Gibson, who interviewed Gov. Sarah Palin. "Doesn't that take some hubris?", he inquired, after asking the Governor if she is qualified to be on the Republican ticket. Look up that word, and see just how rude and vicious this left-leaning interviewer really is--unless, of course, he is just plain addled or unsophisticated. Oh, I forgot: rudeness and disrespect are the order of the day in the Obama campaign, and since the aforementioned vultures are in his back pocket, what can we expect from them? To use one of Senator O's own metaphors, that fish stinks from the head downward. Mr. O has violated his campaign promise of cordiality, and of civil discourse, ever since he knew he was the official Democrat nominee. You can't blame his fans for following suit, can you?