Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Sen. O's Cynical Quick-Fix

Sen. Obama calls for using up the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. What short-sighted thinking!
I thought the Democrats wanted people to pay high prices for gasoline--Al Gore said it himself; that it would be a partial solution to global warming. Energy costs in the U.S. have been unnaturally low for over thirty years, since oil-producing nations first blackmailed the U.S. Europeans have been paying at least four dollars per gas-gallon for more at least a decade. Didn't Senator O tout himself in Germany as "a citizen of the world"? But this week, he is preaching to a different choir, one that is not even familiar with the meaning of "strategic reserve". O's constituency hasn't been informed that increased demand for oil in China and India is driving up the cost. In their childish way, they would rather just point a finger at the White House. The U.S. strategic oil reserves are not to be used for political advantage, but for emergencies. I thought that the Democrats stood for new ideas. This cynical ploy suggests otherwise. If all that the Democrats--Speaker Nancy Pelosi ("Mr. President, free our oil!") have as a solution to the high price of oil is to deplete an emergency reserve, one that is there for situations that one hopes never happen, then they are worse than dinosaurs (as they sometimes refer to their opponents.) One would expect this sort of thinking from irresponsible teenagers. Do Pelosi and O think that by the time the U.S. emergency oil is used up, cars will be running on ethanol? It takes fifty gallons of WATER to make one gallon of corn-fuel. Is water not in short supply world-wide? What about the people who depend upon corn for food? Not a problem if you're personally rich as Croesus, and eat at four-star restaurants every night. The Democrats are devoid of ideas and rational solutions that will ensure available resources for future generations. To present an unwitting voting-bloc with a proposal to use the emergency reserve of oil as a solution to high gas-prices is the epitome of political expediency.