Monday, 4 August 2008

Plane Crashes into House Near Seaside, Oregon

Three killed and three burned at house; pilot and passenger dead. Article

Do we really need people renting planes and crashing them into innocent people's homes?
People in Small Planes Dropping Like Flies from the Skies, Continued....
UPDATE My condolences to the Masoudi, Reimann, and Johnson families.

Flying for sport because one has the money to do so is turning out to be a deadly pursuit. When will they ever learn? Few people on earth are qualified to fly, to take so much responsibility for life, limb and property into their own hands. Come to think of it, when was the last time anyone saw a crashed UFO--1947?

There are too many variables involved in flying a private or rented plane: human errata, mechanical failure, weather, drunkenness, and stupidity.

UPDATE: The pilot took off in the fog, crashed into a tree, and then into the Johnson/Reimann/Masoudi house. The TSA will NOT release the actual cause of the crash until a year from now!

Update: a small plane crashed in Colorado last week, killing its five occupants.