Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Mrs. John McCain

Biography of Mrs. John McCain


Arizona native (born May 20th, 1954) Cindy McCain is the wife of Senator John McCain. An advocate for children's health care needs, she founded the American Voluntary Medical Team in 1988, and led many medical missions to developing and war-torn countries during the Team's seven-year existence. In 2000, Cindy was instrumental in her husband's notable run for President of the United States. That year, she was chosen to represent the State of Arizona at the Republican National Convention as the Chairwoman of the Arizona Delegation. She serves on the Board of Operation Smile and the Halo Trust, as well as several local organizations. Mrs. McCain has a Master's degree in Special Education from the University of Southern California. A survivor of severe physical ailments and spinal surgery, she is also recovered from a resultant addiction to pain medication. Most people I know who have had spinal surgery are either permanently bed-ridden or deceased because of it. Mrs. McCain is candid about the subject of her past addiction, and encourages awareness of the problem in the spirit of prevention.
Cindy McCain joined the CARE Board of Directors and the Marketing and Development Committee in 2005.

This is a re-posting of my piece on Cindy McCain, from February. It has had hundreds of search-engine-generated views. Mrs. McCain is being gratuitously trashed on the internet by the usual illiterate suspects. Let he or she among you who is without sin cast the first stone. Congratulations, you have more in common with Karl Rove than you thought. He is the one who made Cindy McCain's personal life a campaign issue in 2000! ~~M-J de M.