Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Late Lt. Col. Howard Lee Baugh's Message to Young People

Education is free. Anyone who has the desire to can acquire it. Even in the 1800s, former slaves William Wells Brown and Frederick Douglass, with a determination to achieve, educated themselves and became brilliant international intellectuals. Yet, some Americans, those demagogues who are blindingly out-of-touch with real people present and past, would have you believe, for their own selfish purposes, that there are still official systems in their country that prevent black people and other "minorities" from becoming educated. If that's true, I wonder where exactly the Secretary of State, high-achiever and concert pianist Condoleezza Rice grew up and was educated, if not in the U.S.A. And, let us not forget General Colin Powell, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who also served under President Bush as Secretary of State.

Here is a YouTube video interview, very brief but conveying a strong and simple message, with Lieutenant Colonel Howard Lee Baugh, whose passing I noted on M-J in the Republic, August 26th 2008:
Lt. Col. Howard Lee Baugh of the Tuskegee Airmen Has a Message for You