Saturday, 29 September 2007

Admitting the Truth about Hillary

"I did NOT have sexual relations with that woman!"


Friday, 28 September 2007


...America presided over by Hillary Clinton.








Imagine being governed by a woman who cannot speak without looking down to read a script pedantically. How adept is she at thinking on her feet, when she cannot even speak off-the-cuff?
This is a politician whose only humorous responses and quips sound canned, as in her appearance at the Daily KOS convention, when she said she may have a senior moment (oh, the laughter, as though this were a brilliant utterance--I suspect that the audience was just relieved to see a sign of humanity in this stiff personage). Maybe those senior moments accounted for her lapses in memory when some missing papers (contraband FBI files)were at-issue. Talk about a politician, a stuffed-shirt, a girouette! Senator Clinton invents herself as she goes along, depending on the need for political expediency du moment. This is her main talent: shape-shifting like the Devil himself; tailoring her platform to each new group she addresses. Ah, what a politician!

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Chronic Noise-Pollution: Noxious Barking

It's as though barking dogs are used as a cudgel against dog-owners' fellow humans. In the misguided belief that they are being kind to animals, these miscreants who let their canines
bark freely night and day are causing their neighbors to lose sleep and have nerve ailments. It's the height of selfishness masquerading as love for dogs. These animals are held against their will, bred to withstand horrible conditions in the city streets and apartments; it's counter-nature
to force them to live on some tart's chest as a pooch-brooch or to be cooped up in an apartment, only to walk outside once-a-day and relieve themselves in front of hundreds of strangers. Of course, there's always some hazardous residue left for some child to step in and bring into the abode. Dog-mania has produced an unfriendly atmosphere, wherein people wield Phydeaux as a weapon against humanity.

Here's a website, by Peter Bright of Australia, where those of us hounded by barking dogs can receive some solace and advice:

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My Photo of Firemen in Lower Manhattan Before 9-1-1

Photo Copyright M-J de M. 1998

I took this photo. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center are in the background. Checking with Ladder 8, I determined that these two brave men had survived the holocaust.

Photo Copyright M-J de M. 1998

Ladder 8, whose firehouse is very close to Ground Zero, lost one man in the holocaust, Lieutenant Vincent Halloran.

Incidentally: Wall Street Sonnets du 11 Septembre et Autres Poèmes New-Yorkais, by Eugene Schlanger; a bilingual book published by our friends at Éditions Underbahn

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Watched--and Panned...

...History Boys, the movie: education is the pretext for this infomercial promoting the gay lifestyle. The film suffers from awfully boring dialogue, and just when you think there might be a
point to it all, the could-be protagonists are made to say and do the most ridiculous things. The Brits need to stick with the classics. My husband gives this movie a two out of ten possible points, and those points are merely for the effort. Of course, he said that three-fourths through the movie, and by the end we were outraged at having wasted the time. I give it a two, because I am somewhat merciful. There was no successful humor, though of course it was attempted; no pathos, no romance, and no meaningful philosophy. Preparing for the Oxford entrance exam by singing showtunes may fly in the London theatre, but pie-in-the-sky cynicism combined with a disjointed theme (if you can detect a theme besides the pro-homosexual one, you're possessed of a vivid imagination) makes this a thoroughly ridiculous film. This wretched movie is more an example of what a diseased world this is, and less about history. In fact, "History Boys" is a misnomer--unless you count as history a queer devotion to old showtunes with bastardized lyrics. I don't recommend it to young people, because they already get a lot of what this film offers in school, and I'm not talking about education.
In keeping with the homosexual theme, I give this film two bums up.

Pres. Ahmadinejad Lifts the Veil from the Left's Eyes...

...and when it's not to their liking, they register surprise!
Somewhat untoward in philosophy, the people they lionize....

Tough-talking cowboys, over whom they fawn--
From Venezuela, Moscow and Tehran--
Prove that the Napoleon Complex lives on!

~~M-J de M.
Copyright September 2007

Watching, Reading

We're going to watch The History Boys tonight. I've already spotted one anachronism, on the movie's webpage: men and boys didn't wear their trousers down at their crotches (low-waisted) in 1983.

Reading: La Bannière Étalée, by Erik Svane

Reviews later....

Monday, 24 September 2007

The Great Global Warming Swindle

I received this from reader Don Hagen of Huntington Beach, California, who asks that we spread the word as put forth by this excellent film, which you can watch in this link:

British Production with French Subtitles

All is explained in this scientific video. People who actually work in climatology--as opposed to those who blindly adopted the "cause"--present historical data and scientific theories based on facts rather than fashion.

Thank you, Don.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

President Bush Answers Reporter, and Is Treated to the Distorter

Morons in the Associated Press distort President Bush's appropriate, metaphoric answer to a metaphoric query: "Where's the Mandela for Iraq?"

Airbus and France Worry as Dollar Falls against the Euro

Propaganda under the Aegis of Katie Couric

The following "news" item is nothing more than an editorial (opinion piece), under the aegis of C BS* anchorwoman, Katie Couric. This represents the depths to which journalistic standards have fallen:
The very first paragraph states unequivocally that Blackwater killed "eleven innocent citizens". That presumptuous statement invalidates the piece, since the incident is under investigation.
Not only have journalistic standards fallen, but those of spelling have as well, as seen in this clip from the aforementioned article: "Seperate U.S. and Iraqi investigations are currently under way, but as CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan reports, the Iraqi people and their Prime Minister seem to have found Blackwater's security contractors guilty of murder already... "
I heard that the C BS anchorwoman was in Iraq lately, reporting from outside the green zone. Radio veteran, octogenarian Paul Harvey quipped, "And you thought CBS didn't know how to get out of a long-term contract!"

* My art studio was very close to CBS headquarters in mid-town Manhattan during the 1980s. As I made my way along Sixth Avenue to pick up and deliver jobs from various advertising agencies and ABC News, a voice hollered daily: "Free tickets to CBS!", to which my stock response was, "I've already seen B.S., thank you." I had several friends who worked for CBS News back then. These days, I never watch the channel.

MORE PROPAGANDA POSING AS JOURNALISM: Le Monde Reporter Waxes Poetic in Journalistic Flight of Fancy

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Mrs. George Gallup Passes

Mrs. Gallup was a charming woman, with whom I enjoyed chatting at parties.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Dr. Starr Takes Onus off Mrs. Clinton for Failed Health-Plan

Professor Paul Starr of Princeton University's Sociology Department wrote lately that Hillary Clinton didn't have much to do with the construction of the Hillary-Care plan of 1993-4. He was an advisor himself to the first lady's plan (I must say it that way, because at this point any participation on her part has become mere speculation).

I remember being chosen to attend a "leadership" seminar in the late 1990s, as a member of Princeton Borough (the home of Princeton University) government. I felt hoodwinked when I realized that it was a left-biased affair, presided over by Dr. Starr, founder and editor of American Prospect magazine--of which we were all given a copy.
Postscript regarding Senator Clinton's proposed health-care reform: How is it fair or even possible to require every "American" to buy health-insurance? Her plan's name includes the word "choice"--that is a misnomer. It should be entitled "Fascist's Feel-Good Formula".

Thursday, 13 September 2007

France Intox, by Frédéric Valandré

Marianne is the personification of the French Republic. There is a bust of her in every town hall in France: a woman wearing a bonnet Phrygien. Her portrait appears on postage stamps. Marianne, the symbol, has existed since 1792. Marianne is portrayed on the cover of Frédéric Valandré’s France Intox, and though her image has changed over the years, she appears there as a skull under her liberty cap.

According to Fréderic Valandré, France has lost its memory, and maybe even its head, its people having adopted a corrosive tolerance and indulged in a distorting moral relativism. An atmosphere of taboos, stereotypes and rent-a-thought has created cataclysms in Marianne’s organisation. Such a mixture of elements composes the metaphoric cocktail on which Marianne has become intoxicated. Though it has in large part been emasculated by the prevalence of complacency, the social fabric of France has been strained so far as to be torn. Author Valandré offers both critique and remedy, admonishing his countrymen that if the insouciant malaise is not shaken off, France will speedily decay beyond recognition. He exhorts his French compatriots to join forces towards effectuating a cleansing renewal. Frédéric Valandré is only thirty, and writes like a sagacious old poet. His superior language-skills are exhibited elsewhere, as Valandré is a freelance journalist who also contributes to international websites.
France Intox is a beautiful and poignant examination of what went wrong in today's France and what can be done to make it right.

France Intox, by Frédéric Valandré (in French)
Éditions Underbahn, Paris; 247 pages, June 2006

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

How about a Loonybin Dragnet?

An insane crowd gathered to demonstrate (their stupidity) on Sixth Avenue in midtown Manhattan on Sunday, September 9th, chanting (screaming) "Nine Eleven was an inside job!"
Yes, it was an inside job--inside their diseased minds!

9-1-1 Postscript: Eugene Schlanger, The Wall Street Poet

I have just read Eugene Schlanger's 9-1-1 poetry book by Éditions Underbahn. Mr. Schlanger has a way of encapsulating the essence of the American stock market in a few powerful words.
The book, Wall Street Sonnets du 11 Septembre et autres Poèmes New-Yorkais, is in both French and English, published in Paris.

Thursday, 6 September 2007