Friday, 12 January 2007

The Only Question is "How?"

I was listening to the Art Bell Show with George Noory last night. The topic of conversation towards the beginning of the programme was that a meteor or asteroid may hit the earth, and it is believed to be imminent by some fly-by-night prognosticators.

One thing is certain, at least in my mind: the event will be made political by the lefties; what remains to be determined is HOW they will do it!

Thursday, 4 January 2007

My Yahoo! Avatar

Yahoo! Avatars
My dear Mother died last month, so I have been down-at-the-mouth, all while managing a flurry of necessary social activity. I find nothing remarkable in politics lately, so my commentary has been sparse. Thanks for looking in here!

The New York Times Shows Disrespect Once Again

Is it so difficult to write, "President Ford"?

That's PRESIDENT Ford!