Thursday, 15 November 2007

Saggin' and Caggin'*

There's a distinction between "baggy pants" and trousers that are sagging under the underwear. Since when has it been all right to walk round in one's jockey shorts? That's where the hip-hop/"gangsta" emulators are wearing their trousers--hanging under what ought to be their private parts. Baggy pants, however, are explained and depicted below.
Here is a rap "song" I wrote last December 13th:

Wit my crotch at my knees

There's no ball squeeze

Though my bad ass does freeze

And the 'hos I want to please

Say I must have some fleas

I just cough and I wheeze

'Cause my ass it does freeze

So, it's cool, ya sees?

Wit my crotch at my knees

I'm the epitome of sleaze!

~~Copyright M-J de M. December 13th, 2006

*Caggin' is my husband's French slang for having a "pantload"!
It's Not the Bagginess of Hip-Hop Trousers that Offends, Butt...
...I mean but the low-hanging thereof. My photo shows elegant baggy or wide-legged trousers. Baggy pants, as in Oxford Bags, have been chic for decades in classic clothing. But, most people, when referring to the problem of low-sagging pants (trousers) just use the term, "baggy pants". That's really unfair, since what is being excoriated is the plumber's crack, a source of derision for all times. What people abhor is the hideous sagging lowdown pants/trousers style. It really amounts to indecent exposure--someone's underwear and opening showing in front, and whatever you wish to call it bared in the back--that's the issue.Click Here to View Newest Entries