Sunday, 11 November 2007

Minimalism: How Can Something So Empty Be So Full of Merde?


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There are plenty of outrages masquerading as art these days, because people are jaded and devoid of ideas; art students don't learn technique unless it involves cleverly scamming the public. This all goes on while most people are intimidated enough by the zeitgeist to keep mum lest they be perceived as "unsophisticated" by the perpetrators, who are just as intimidated....

Most contemporary "art" is nothing but bad crafts. Gimmickry and mimicry rule the day. An unwitting public believe that what they buy today will be worth something more tomorrow, even though they can't bear looking at the stuff.
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Even worse than the blank fields which pass for "paintings" are the snake-oil salesmen who have gimmicks:
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My question to minimalists: How can something so empty be so full of...?
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Yes, it's true: there's nothing new under the sun. Not even minimalism. Why, people have been known to do nothing since time immemorial!

Today's minimalist and "contemporary" artists are yesterday's con-artists.

The phony "sophisticates" claim that there's something to see in minimalism. They fool themselves, while trying to fool others, because they feel a need to conform to the zeitgeist. Intimidation is also involved, as it is dangerous to be a black sheep who doesn't follow the crowd. It's an empty conceit which celebrates a lack of ingenuity and substance--all while pretending there is some!

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