Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Boeing Replaces 787 Project Leader

The July, 2007 roll-out was an exuberant celebration for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Now, its first flight having been delayed till at the soonest March 2008, orders are delayed as well. On Tuesday, October 16th, the program chief of Dreamliner development Mike Bair (51 years old) was let-go; Pat Shanahan (aged 45) was appointed. Mike Bair will become Vice President for Business Strategy and Marketing at Boeing's commercial-airplanes division, concentrating on the development of future products. Mr. Shanahan was, before becoming chief of the 787 project, working in Washington, D.C. on missile defense systems. He is from the state of Washington, and a graduate of the engineering department at the UW.
This change in leadership at a critical juncture is business-as-usual in the aerospace field.