Friday, 26 October 2007

Airbus 380A Singapore Airlines Maiden Flight

After a two-year delay, Airbus 380A made its first flight on October 15th. The journey between Singapore and Sydney, Australia, took seven hours. There were over four-hundred-fifty passengers, most of whom paid large amounts of money for the experience, some of which went to charity. Singapore Airlines will be the only one flying the Airbus 380A for the next ten months....

Boeing rolled-out its 787 Dreamliner in July, 2007. As with most innovative projects, estimated time needed for final completion was underestimated. The 787 Dreamliner will have a smaller environmental footprint than the A380, and will be able to land in more airports because of its reasonable size. Its first commercial voyage depends upon its delivery to airlines. Until the Boeing Dreamliner is ready for its maiden flight, projected for March 2008, Airbus of France has surpassed Boeing of the United States in super-jumbo jet aeronautics. They are currently in the lead for having the largest jumbo-jet in the air. The largest plane in the air until October 15th was Boeing's 747. The Airbus 380A is capable of carrying 853 people--resembling a small town in the sky rather than a bus.

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