Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Watched--and Panned...

...History Boys, the movie: education is the pretext for this infomercial promoting the gay lifestyle. The film suffers from awfully boring dialogue, and just when you think there might be a
point to it all, the could-be protagonists are made to say and do the most ridiculous things. The Brits need to stick with the classics. My husband gives this movie a two out of ten possible points, and those points are merely for the effort. Of course, he said that three-fourths through the movie, and by the end we were outraged at having wasted the time. I give it a two, because I am somewhat merciful. There was no successful humor, though of course it was attempted; no pathos, no romance, and no meaningful philosophy. Preparing for the Oxford entrance exam by singing showtunes may fly in the London theatre, but pie-in-the-sky cynicism combined with a disjointed theme (if you can detect a theme besides the pro-homosexual one, you're possessed of a vivid imagination) makes this a thoroughly ridiculous film. This wretched movie is more an example of what a diseased world this is, and less about history. In fact, "History Boys" is a misnomer--unless you count as history a queer devotion to old showtunes with bastardized lyrics. I don't recommend it to young people, because they already get a lot of what this film offers in school, and I'm not talking about education.
In keeping with the homosexual theme, I give this film two bums up.