Saturday, 22 September 2007

Propaganda under the Aegis of Katie Couric

The following "news" item is nothing more than an editorial (opinion piece), under the aegis of C BS* anchorwoman, Katie Couric. This represents the depths to which journalistic standards have fallen:
The very first paragraph states unequivocally that Blackwater killed "eleven innocent citizens". That presumptuous statement invalidates the piece, since the incident is under investigation.
Not only have journalistic standards fallen, but those of spelling have as well, as seen in this clip from the aforementioned article: "Seperate U.S. and Iraqi investigations are currently under way, but as CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan reports, the Iraqi people and their Prime Minister seem to have found Blackwater's security contractors guilty of murder already... "
I heard that the C BS anchorwoman was in Iraq lately, reporting from outside the green zone. Radio veteran, octogenarian Paul Harvey quipped, "And you thought CBS didn't know how to get out of a long-term contract!"

* My art studio was very close to CBS headquarters in mid-town Manhattan during the 1980s. As I made my way along Sixth Avenue to pick up and deliver jobs from various advertising agencies and ABC News, a voice hollered daily: "Free tickets to CBS!", to which my stock response was, "I've already seen B.S., thank you." I had several friends who worked for CBS News back then. These days, I never watch the channel.

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