Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Vandalism, Sabotage, Terrorism: Pet Ploys of the Left

Tools of leftists, whether they are on a small scale or large: vandalism, sabotage, terrorism. They may be adherents of the philosophy, "The ends justify the means", but their end is self-defeating. Like one who protesteth too much, their credibility is undermined by their actions.

Think it's funny that Carl Rove's car was plastic-wrapped and plastered with Obama stickers? It's just business-as-usual for lefties, and is symptomatic of a larger problem. They see nothing wrong with destroying property and perpetrating theft to achieve their goals. Freedom of speech and expression are rights conferred upon them alone, whilst anyone who doesn't march in lock-step with them deserves what they get. More and more, it is seen as acceptable to slash and burn the property of others, from the smallest political campaign upward. Lefties defend graffiti, a serious form of vandalism, as "self-expression". Yet, they rail against pollution and visual blight. I have seen left-wing zealots stealing small, temporary campaign signs from gardens on private property, and then plastering their stickers and signs on public property, creating a blight on the landscape that remains for years. I have witnessed, on election day, car-windows smashed-in for bearing tasteful decals supporting the troops. On election day, Democrats have been known to slash the tires on Republican vehicles which were used to transport handicapped voters to the polls. In ultra-left Seattle, the spray-paint "tagging" of houses which dare to fly the American flag is popular. In France, burning cars because one's life isn't ideal is excused and therefore condoned. In Oregon, USA, Scores of SUVs were torched by Earth Liberation Front (appropriate initials for people with elf-sized brains), creating more pollution than President Bush could if he lived to be 3,000 years old. Lefties and communists pretend that their vandalism is good-natured pranksterism, but that's a patent lie. Just ask anyone who has had to pay big bucks to repair their damage. Remember that the White House was seriously sabotaged and defiled by President Clinton's staffers before vacating it--an act consistent with that administration's scorched-earth policy. People who don't believe that Wal-Mart ought to exist, even though the company has raised the standard of living for countless Americans and employed many, feel free to threaten them with bombs. That is the world which the female presidential candidate wants to preside over, a climate in which she will thrive.