Friday, 24 August 2007

Book on Président Sarkozy Released Today

French playwright Yasmina Reza spent time on the campaign trail with Président Sarkozy. In her book, "L'aube le soir ou la nuit" (Dawn, Evening or Night), released today, the author describes Nicolas Sarkozy as an intense man "who never stops stirring up life."

"I challenge anyone who has come up close to him not to be impressed."--Yasmina Reza.

Ms. Reza says that while Président Sarkozy is an impatient over-achiever, she had not seen him have any angry outburst.

This all bodes well for France; an exceedingly dynamic leader with a great deal of passion for all that he does is the beginning of a propitious new era.


Postscript: Apparently, the story of some retouching on photos of the president has burgeoned. People, get your priorities straight: for one thing, there is no magazine with a feature story in which the principles have NOT been retouched in some way. Take it from me--I was in that industry in New York City for many years. And, it is much ado about nothing--I despair of the present human condition! What is truly shameful is the public's concentration on such a detail. Sure, someone made a molehill out of what may have been a more like a mountain, but making a mountain out of a molehill is idiotic.