Thursday, 28 June 2007

Immigration Bill Dumped, Opportunity Squandered

Watch the chaos continue. Now, NOTHING will be done. Deporting twelve million people--a sick idea that is a pipe-dream and the suicidal public-image ideal of some people in Republican party. The party is no longer a big tent, but a conglomeration of factions who will destroy the whole. For them, every candidate must march in lockstep with their each and every viewpoint, so they stay home on election day when their ideal doesn't exist. No one candidate is perfect, and if they believe they will get a perfect anti-illegal migrant bill, it will be a cold day in Hell when they do. "Principled" Republicans have denounced the President, and the party that sticks together shall win in 2008. Cutting off one's nose to spite one's face comes to mind, as does another applicable old saw: they cannot see the forest for the trees. Radio talk-show host Hannity declared in 2004 that the Democrats would never again be a majority or run the White House. And now, with his help--let me feed his huge ego (to partially paraphrase him: in the hot, hazy, humid, hateful Hannity Days of Summer), they certainly have, and shall continue to do so. The party's over. What party? The Grand Old Party.