Tuesday, 21 November 2006

Christian Sahner, Editor-in-Chief of the Princeton Tory, Rhodes Scholar

I met this young man in 2002, and was impressed. Clip:
He may be "super surprised" he received the award, but it's his resume that is astonishing.
From his position as the editor-in-chief of conservative magazine Princeton Tory to the founder of the Elizabeth Anscombe Society, a group promoting abstinence and a chaste lifestyle, Christian Sahner is far from the rank-and-file Princeton University student.
And as one of 32 recently selected Rhodes Scholars for 2007, Mr. Sahner is again set apart.
"I can't say it really separates me," Mr. Sahner said modestly of his accomplishments. "It's a great honor and a real responsibility also. ... They select Rhodes Scholars with the intention that you will become the leader in your field," he added.
At Oxford University, Mr. Sahner will be studying for a master's degree in late antiquity and Byzantine studies. His interest in the history of the late Roman empire, he said, was founded in his Maplewood-based Columbia High School art history classes.
While at Oxford, Mr. Sahner said he intends to study the relationship among Islam, Catholicism in Europe and the Byzantine world, discovering how each reacts to the other.

Read the entire article by Courtney Gross, Princeton Packet; November 21st, 2006:Christian Sahner Awarded Scholarship to Oxford

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and President Bush

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld resigned today, and praised the men and women in our armed forces, saying that they will always have his respect and prayers. He quoted Winston Churchill, saying that through criticism he has learned much. It was a most gracious speech. Now the lefty loonies will be at a loss; they had so much fun demonizing Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld without really knowing anything about him but his name.
Come to think of it, Dems never seem to listen to anything that President Bush says; they form their ill-considered opinions upon rumor and innuendo, and chant their brain-dead, childish, sing-song slamming. Whereas, though I have always been a Republican, I listened to every single speech that Pres. Clinton made, and tried to understand the guy. I blame a lot of this election's results upon the press--even Fox News, who made a "story" out of their public opinion polling rather than focusing on the issues. I knew George Gallup in Princeton, and respect the process, but it was never meant to sway elections as it has. I'm just sick about THAT!
President Bush is truly a gentleman and a scholar. His response to the question about the insane bleatings of Rep. Pelosi against his brains and character was amazingly gracious at the presser this morning. He is head and shoulders above Rep. Pelosi in every way: brains, class, and grace. The history-making woman will be sure to make even more enemies than she already has in her own party. That is one reason I'm not horribly depressed by the outcome of this mid-term election. I've done enough reading of my compatriots' illiterate writing on the internet to know how seriously dumbed-down they have become, and how prone to brainwashing they are. Now, that's depressing!

Saturday, 4 November 2006

The Election Hasn't Happened Yet, So Ignore Those "Calling It"

Who ARE these entities that "call" the elections before you even get the chance to VOTE? What gives them any power? I'm certainly not. They are merely trying to sway the results on election day by giving potential voters the notion that there is no point to going and actually voting. Don't empower them--stand up for your right to choose a candidate with your vote!

Elections are decided by those who vote; not by those who prognosticate.

Friday, 3 November 2006

Senator Kerry, You Can't Put Lipstick on a Pig! You Said it, and We Understood What You Meant

Posted at 03:37, Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just when things looked a little bleak, Senator Kerry stuck his foot in his bitter mouth and a sweet prize came out for the Republicans!
Yesterday, Senator Kerry warned young people at a speech in California that if they didn't do well in school and "make an effort to be smart", they would end up in Iraq. The former presidential candidate now claims that what he really meant rather than insulting our troops, was that the President made a mistake in taking down Saddam Hussein. Accept responsibility for your actions this Hallowe'en, Ichabod Crane!

Or, perhaps Senator Kerry can say that he was just "making an effort to be smart"!

Don't Vote for Destructive Dullards Who are Devoid of Ideas...

Posted at 11:50, Monday, October 30, 2006

...namely, Democrats. Have they come up with any plans or solutions to problems? The most that they have offered up in the past six years is blind obstructionism. They rail against innovations that their own people devised, such as the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan's social security plan. Why? Because it was subsequently promoted by President Bush.

As amusing as a Speaker of the House Pelosi would be, we simply cannot afford to let irrational, snarling harridans have that much power. Impossibly addled Harry Reid is bad enough, without entertaining the notion of President Clinton the Female, and Senator Nancy Pelosi the hypocrite being further empowered. Yes, I said hypocrite, because for all her pretentious support of unions, she is a classic Republican in her business dealings, and hires no union members. Democrats seldom put their money where their mouths are, so this is nothing new. Senator and presidential wanna-be Hillary Clinton is a great example of that deficit in character. And, who can listen to her plodding, pedantic, Hitlerian style of oration, where every vicious proclamation is followed by a pregnant pause, during which she is expecting applause?

There is much at stake, though this is what's known as a mid-term election. I'd rather see the Democrats continue to obstruct, than watch this country self-destruct.

©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

Lost Content Regained (Blogspot Malfunctioned Last Week)

Here Comes another Horrible Holiday... - 12:53, Monday, October 30, 2006

...the worst, most useless one of all: Hallowe'en (originally "hallowed evening", but shortened, old English style). Thank God that this demonic horror is not actually a federal or state holiday anywhere. It is just an excuse for bad behavior, and the mischief gets worse every year. The last time I gave out Hallowe'en candy, I was met with demands from ill-bred children and teenagers, for more or different candy. I was so disgusted that I vowed never to be "home" again to participate in that foolishness.Vandals run loose on Hallowe'en (nothing hallowed about this evening), and in some locales there is even a tradition of destructive mischief the night before. Another appalling feature of contemporary Hallowe'en is both children and adults parading around in "Ho'" costumes. The people who staunchly support Hallowe'en claim that it is an innocent childhood tradition, but the vile, rude, and pornographic costumes on their kids shreik otherwise. Why does the United States condone this terrorism? Enough already!

©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

- 08:48, Sunday, October 29, 2006
We Have Turned Back the Clock...

...by one hour, in honor of Daylight Savings Time (an archaic device instituted to aid those with farming chores) being turned-off today. It's wonderful to have another hour at one's disposal, especially when preparing for a Sunday evening dinner party.
There is a group of people in this world of whom it is said that they are trying to catapult the world back into the stone age. I wonder whether or not that would be a bad thing. Some of us might welcome it. I sometimes do indulge in nostalgia for much simpler times. The world has become so complicated and evil lurks in the most unexpected places....

©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

It Was Chaos, or Have They Forgotten?

Ridiculous Expectations, Arrogant Accusations: Just HOW DO WE Exact Order from Chaos?

A group of people who lost relatives in the Twin Towers 9-1-1 attack are kvetching and putting on the sanctimony now that some human skeletal remains have been discovered under an abandoned manhole. The fact has always been acknowledged (by people with IQs of 100 and up) that all victims of the sabotage may never be found, and that still more human remains may be discovered in odd places. Human error is not even the problem here. It is the nature of the attack, and the logistics involved, which ought to allow for an occasional skeleton to turn up without ridiculous accusations towards those who performed the arduous clean-up of the site. But, instead of lighting a candle, these serial malcontents would prefer to curse the darkness. Rather than allowing someone's relatives to feel gratitude and relief that their loved one has been uncovered, these self-righteous, unrealistic reactionaries are causing an ugly scene. The aforementioned group is even calling for a congressional investigation into why the bones hadn't already been found. This, when more pressing issues such as national and world security are at stake. Shameful, that.
Posted by M-Jeanne de M. at 12:12 PM
©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Tuberculosis in Europe
Again, we are warned about the proliferation of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis:http://apnews.excite.com/article/20061010/D8KLF1501.html

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Drug-Resistant TB on the Rise in the U.S.; Disease-Carrying Flies

MSNBC ArticleI've been warning of this for years. Modern arrogance has allowed people to assume that there are no plagues, and to be lax in attention to hygiene. It's not politically correct to put people in quarantine, is it? I suppose it is more correct and humane to put the rest of us in danger. The same attitude is in full swing regarding the use of flypaper. Food-service establishments would rather the flies light on your food than to catch them in a good, old-fashioned flypaper tent. Ask them why they do nothing (ask if there's an extra charge for the flies, as well), and they will cite the unattractiveness of a flypaper unit hanging in the shop. I was in two restaurants during the past two weeks where the food servers allowed flies onto the food before I got to it, whereupon I refused the diseased stuff. I find it extremely ironic that it is 2006, yet sanitary practices are reverting to the dark ages.

©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Citgo Gets Its Gas from Venezuela

Well,we're all getting gas from Hugo Chavez, but there is something you can do to express your disgust with him: stop buying gas from Citgo!

Message to President Hugo Chavez:President Bush does not seek approbation from tin-horn dictators, nor from the lefty loonies who love them!

©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

Thursday, May 11, 2006
U.S. Youth: Cutting-Edge Sophisticates Know Nearly Nothing about Geography

It's the ultimate in squandered opportunity, not to mention irony, that the so-called Information Superhighway, where young people spend hours per day, has contributed nothing to their rudimentary knowledge-base. In fact, today's American youth are more illiterate and less world-aware than any preceding generation. That's not surprising, after all, when one considers the people who constitute the teachers' unions in this country, and the things on which their public school curricula focus: social engineering rather than social studies, contemplating one's own navel rather than memorizing geographic locations, and the teaching of English without phonetics or grammatical rules. History is being revised, if taught at all. In New Jersey, I witnessed at Somerset County Public Library the dumping, or "de-accessioning" of all history books that taught about dead white men. The following video is very revealing, and if you are worried that the United States is always behind Europe and Asia in basic learning, this will just enhance that concern:Shocking Video
Posted by M-Jeanne de M. at 6:56 AM
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Michael Moore's Self-Indulgent Fantasy-Movie
00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000We finally gathered up a supply of Dramamine big enough to get us through this concocted Crockumentary, Fahrenheit 911. Even the title is copped and subsequently cooked, revealing Mr. Moore's lack of respect for other artists. It was shocking how ugly and cynical this "documentary" was, but what was the most striking is his obvious, childish spin on even the most rudimentary, banal facts. And don't tell me that Mr. Moore doesn't sleep on "sheets from France", or maybe even Italy. And, IF President Bush went to sleep on nice sheets the night before 9-1-1, as we asked, So WHAT?The baby-talking psychotic from Lower Michigan even nastily spun President Bush's concerned, measured, and thoughtful reaction to the news of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I suppose that Mr. Moore would rather that President Bush (whom he consistently, disrespectfully refers to as "Mr. Bush") had immediately jumped up and screamed, in front of the schoolchildren whom he was addressing, "We're under attack...!"To make something sinister out of something this serious (Bravo for your calm, thoughtful reaction, President Bush), is just plain ridiculous--and evil. Just as Mr. Moore stole a title from an already existing movie and bastardized it for his own self-aggrandizing use, so he steals bits from history and abusively manipulates them for the same purpose.Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911, as it dragged on, was a pure, diseased fantasy, and had no connection to history. It merely exploited some grim realities, and ought never to have had any recognition from the civilized world. Its benevolent reception by the left, and a large portion of the U.S. population, is indicative of just how dumbed-down the current generations of young people are. This kind of concocted crapola is tailor-made for those who don't bother to read the news, but glean all of their "information" from self-appointed sages and conspiracy-theorists on left-wing wacko internet sites. Congratulations, Mr. Moore: you're at the vanguard of the new illiterate class!
Message to Michael: ...and YOUR PEOPLE think President Bush looks stupid?
Mr. Moore, what's with that transparent beard? You're doing nothing for the ailing steel industry if you won't buy a razor blade and shave!

©2006 M-Jeanne de M.
Posted by M.-Jeanne de M. at 7:02 AM

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ill Literacy and Illiteracy

It is as though schools stopped teaching spelling and punctuation thirty years ago, if one reads blogs and discussion-boards on the web. Material of all types, academic and otherwise, found on the internet, is rife with what are becoming popular misspellings. Here are a few that I have noticed over the past five years:







"Loose" instead of "Lose"
(What do they write when they really mean "loose?")

This is an incomplete, growing list, to which I shall add items as they occur to me.

Spell-Checking Devices: Spell-checkers are unreliable, and the more people rely upon them, the more illiterate they become. The devices cannot determine correct contextual usage. For example, The Princeton Packet once published an article in which the word "Pole" was spelled, "poll". It passed the spell-check, and made utter fools of the author and editors. In the same newspaper, a young man who had died in an automobile crash while on a Princeton Tigers Glee Club trip was described as having been an "alter boy". That must have come as a shock to his parents while reading the tragic report (yes, the report was tragic).
Posted by M.-Jeanne de M. at 9:16 AM
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March 18th, 2006:
Message to Democrats and Assorted Left-Wingers

I wrote this today in response to a post on a political forum about what the author called, "The Third Anniversary of President Bush's Folly", and would like to record it here:Americans are obsessed with the simplistic notion of winning and losing. The democrats would have everyone believe that we are in a traditional war, WITH Iraq, in which one side is victorious at some set point in time, while the other side is defeated. What we are engaged in is an ongoing process of ensuring that brigands do not stop the new democratic process there. One Iraqi woman said during the last elections in Iraq, "If anybody does not believe that what President Bush did here was the right thing, they can go to Hell!"As I said back in 2003, apparently, from the way that they profess, the antagonistic left does not regard the slaughter of millions of non-combatant people, women and children included in large proportions thereof, as a bad thing, and would have seen it continue without abatement. Add to that Iraq's non-compliance with United Nations resolutions, aided by Hans "Blind-Eye" Blix, and what we had was an insupportable regime. Oh, and the 9-1-1 terrorist from Egypt, Mohammad Attah, had met with Saddam Hussein in February, 2001.The democrats have proven that, even if they originally believed in an idea's merit, farther on down the road, they themselves will recant and play the opposite for the sake of politics, being bereft of their own ideas to constructively set human events in a positive direction.© M-Jeanne de M.; March 18th, 2006

Further response, by me, to "President Bush's Folly"

You tire me beyond belief, though I will nonetheless credit your tragic persistence--and your steadfast belligerence, which relies always upon the same dissective approach: boring and trite in the extreme, but at least predictable, reliable, and grossly anti-American. Thank you for making my day once again! What would boards like this one be without those for whom every alliance, however vital, may be reduced to a playground game of tit-for-tat? Realpolitik 101: Iraq was fighting Iran during the ghastly war of 80-88, during which one million souls died on either side; the United States backed Iraq against the Iranians, who had humiliated President Jimmy Carter and his feckless administration (Hostage Crisis ring a bell?); Sec Def Donald Rumsfeld visited Iraq during a period when U.S. and Iraqi interests coincided. What, might I ask you, was wrong with that logical development? You and I live in starkly different worlds. I believe that America is the most benevolent great nation in the history of the globe. You believe that our country supports the worst people on earth to coldly advance its own selfish interests. And while we might surely agree that nations are cold monsters, for which interests matter above all, I strongly suggest that you are privileged to live in the most egalitarian country on the planet. Has America done bad things? Certainly. But the world is built on American creations, from the World Bank, which you surely loathe, to the IMF, an evil organization, and on to the unlovely United Nations, now largely discredited by rape, plunder and graft, but which has for over fifty years existed mainly to give a platform to smaller nation-states, whose main pleasure has always been fashionable criticism of the U.S., which appears to be one of your primary reasons for living. After WWII, America sought to develop a worldwide framework of systems and processes that would permit the free-flow of trade and ideas, in the hope that nations bound by mutal interests would forsake war in favor of interdepence/profit. Now, you probably think vulgar the notion of enlightened self-interest--the theory which dictates that you do something good because it is in your interest--but I am a realist, who believes that what goes around ultimately comes around (call it either positive or negative blowback, depending on the result).I am fed up with the likes of you, Chuck: you attack people, not ideas. I want success in Iraq defined by this administration as much as you purportedly require the same. But I also understand that we are not at war with the Iraqi people, but instead with murdering thugs who are certainly perpetrating acts of unspeakable violence against the Iraqis themselves. And if you doubt that a large percentage of those fighting the Iraqi security forces come from without Iraq's borders, then I have to believe that your "understanding" of what's happening in that fractured country is seriously affected by the lefty-Kool-aid that is your breakfast drink of choice. Step back from the ledge and see the world with unvarnished eyes: Iraq is a mess; the administration grossly miscalculated what would come, once initial military victory had been achieved (which took all of three weeks). And now America is holding a place the size of California with less than 150,000 men, while sick freaks blast apart soft targets, seeking to provoke a bona fide civil war between the three main parties. And it might yet work, but you should not rejoice at the prospect, because if Iraq dissolves into all-out sectarian fighting between Sunni, Shi'ite and Kurd factions, it is the civilian population that you claim to care for above all that will suffer most. And kindly refrain from branding those of us who support President Bush: I love my country, and i admire and respect every soldier who serves to protect my fellow citizens from harm. I know that every slain or hurt American affects the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, more. Every American soldier has a family, and friends, and acquaintances. Every soldier is so much more than the sum of his or her precious parts. God Bless them, every one.©2006 M-Jeanne de M.©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

A Dangerous Breed

The Nature-Loving Environmentalist:A breed recognized by the smoke wafting out of their nostrils, the litter that they drop, the gas that they guzzle in their SUVs, the dirt left anywhere they please thanks to their many, ever-present dogs (Seattle's homeless hippies have as many as three each on the city sidewalks, making certain areas septic and impassable, since they do not clean up after Fido), the unnatural tattoos covering their wretched, skinny bodies; the puffy, unclean holes they have poked into them as "piercings"; the noise pollution they inflict on you with their thundering rap music, and the psychotropic drugs that they ingest to distort the brains that God gave them, which delude them into believing that they are better than we are--environmentally conscious, sanctimonious scum. Look for earmark "Kill Bush" bumper-sticker or T-shirt.If you see one of these vicious beasts, run for your life! ©2006 M-Jeanne de M.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006:
Dubai Deal Down

I am disgusted with this Dubai deal getting queered by congress. Sure, Dubai pulled out of their own accord. But, what kind of message does this send to the rest of the world, the Arab world in particular, when we are preaching democracy to them, asking for cooperation in deterring terrorism, yet we are protectionist dinosaurs who don't want to do business with them? Some of the Democrats would squander the opportunity to improve relations with the wider world in order to affect a political stance--one that, together with the others that they have adopted in their quest to oppose President Bush, they can't even believe in themselves!I shudder to think of the consequences of the American resistance to the Dubai deal.I tend to think that some of the Democrats' sudden reluctance to cooperate with Arabs is a hypocritical pose, while some of the Republican officials who reacted against the decision were grandstanding in a pose of more toughness against "terror", for whatever reasons. Meanwhile, some on both sides--especially the Republicans who just reacted without knowing the details and dynamics of the ports deal--are guilty of ignorance on the topic. Saying that someone is ignorant on a topic is not condemnation. No one is omniscient, and I confess that like most people I was ignorant on the ports proposal until I did some learning.When we were greeted in the Fairmont (a nice hotel in Europe) last week by Bill Clinton's visage emblazoned upon the front page of the Financial Times, and an accompanying article about his consulting on behalf of Dubai in this proposal, we had a good time ridiculing President Clinton's friends Senator Pelosi, et alia, in their assumed stances against President Bush' decision.
©2006 M-Jeanne de M.